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It's time to give back & paint the town red


OMG, after being nominated 7 times for 'Queen Of Hearts Diva Award'.  It's been fabulous to have won three times in 21 years of doing drag! I decided in 2013, now that I am in semi-retirement after doing drag for 21 years. and not attending last years  I decided  Frock Up and  go this year to the 25th annual DIVA  awards and to my surprise  still receive a nomination so that makes 8, not bad for an old queen and  now will focus on co-ordinating Heaven Social Dance and producing the community radio program  "Queer Out West 89.3fm" as a boy and leaving the performing up to the young ones.
Thank god I have a full - time job ''why don't you build me up buttercup''...  lol

Heaven Social Dance
We'll celebrate its last dance for 2015 this weekend (21 November) at the NBC Sports  Club, 166 Windsor Rd, Northmead NSW.
This will be our annual fundraiser the 'RED PARTY #5' (The Only GLBTQI World Aids Day Charity Night in Western Sydney) at Heaven on Saturday 21st November from 7pm.
Hosted By: Beverly Buttercup - Kerry-Ann Canally  &  LayDee KinMee.
With 3 Shows featuring 15 Performances
From 7pm Shows 9 , 10 & 11pm
Entry $15. All proceeds on the night go to ACON. 
All patrons are encouraged to wear RED,  PRIZES available for best dressed Male & Female. 

With an array of fabulous people donating their time to help promote awareness and raise money for World Aids Day. 

Also very evicted to announce that heaven social dance has locked in all its dates for 2016 after a few months of confusion & stress we were able to lock in sponsorship for heaven in 2016 A BIG THANK YOU TO ACON which will now be a major sponsor of heaven social dance and will also be supported by , Queer Out West 89.3fm & K2Media Helping us provide a safe environment for the GLBTQI Community in western Sydney so please support us in western Sydney..

Former western Sydney dancing diva is back and is a New cast member to heaven in 2016 and now living back in west lol  will be doing her little bit for WORLD AIDS DAY and co-ordinating  ''Paint The Town Red" at  the Unity Wollongong social dance for WORLD AIDS DAY on 05th December from 7pm-1am now back at the Wollongong Tennis Club, Foley street Gwynneville.
After trying out some alternative venues they are back where they started for info :

18NOV = All About E Screening + Q&A Part Proceeds Go To ACON at Event Cinemas , Parramatta $20
21NOV = The Red Party #5 At Heaven Social Dance at the NBC Sporty Club, Northmead $15
21NOV = No Trivial Matter At Marrickville Town Hall , Marrickville $25
28NOV = Drags to Bitches at Campbelltown RSl club, 1 Carberry Lane Campbelltown  $20
05DEC = Paint The Town Red at Wollongong Tennis Club , 37 Foley st Gwynneville $10
05DEC = Santa's Little Helpers at Marrickville Town Hall , Marrickville $25

Drag  Gossip
I'm a big believer of KARMA ! What goes around comes around! A certain drag queen is name dropping to get bookings and undercutting to take other drag queens booking and they have not been around very long and most like won't last very long ..''REMEMBER YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET" also in other gossip with HEAVEN looking for new cast in 2016  some of the queens refused to audition .. So that means they  will miss out on being part of heaven in 2016 as we are searching for  NEW CAST Members/Queens for heaven ..  T.B.C at The Drag Factor on the 09January 2016.

Until next time gorgeous!
Luv BB
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