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Drama's Aside, Western Sydney Keeps On Going On

So much has changed over the years in the Western Sydney community, I often wonder "is it a case of me trying to hold on to something not worth holding onto anymore"  or  "is community atually community these day" or is it people just trying to get gigs? It's a hard thing to deal with when you just want to give people something fabulous to be involved with.

That's the big question?  Sometimes there is so much drama that you really question whats worth it and what's not - but Western Sydney - I am not one to let go... this is my home and you are all fabulous people. I have a genuine want to give the community something great to do - so we can catch up, have fun, raise money for charities, and feel comfortable down the road from our own homes... Western Sydney deserves more, I have always thought that.

I am not sure of the future but not prepared to let go of the past, so many people put in the hard yards that now so many "new" folks take for granted... Its a shame that I feel people now just take it for granted that we will be here in the future but sadly this is not the case any more... I can finally say I've had enough of being the person that does everything!

I'm just too old and sick of the politics and people just taking it for granted!!

Recently I was told to take a long hard look in the mirror - and you know what - I took that advice and I did.

So what did the "Drag" in the mirror say???

I realized 'People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones'. So some decisions have been made so we can move forward in the West and keep things like the fabulous social night "HEAVEN" running in 2016.

All the dance dates have been locked in for 2016 – so fingers crossed to another successful year.

Check out the "What's On"  listings on for all events and make sure you RSVP to the events you are coming too, its a great way for us to know who is keen, who we can work with and what's working and what isn't.

It's time to bring it back to the true essence of community. A safe place to have fun, meet friends and new people and enjoy the best things in the west. I am PUMPPED! (like my old drag heels) lol.

On a Brighter Note:

A special thank you to everybody that attended Heaven's 8th Birthday & Haven Charity Night in July - helping us raise $1464 for the Western Suburbs Haven Inc.
That means in the last  8 years we have raised over $20,000 - how fabulous.

More fabulous NEWS

Heaven welcomes back one of our former show cast members LayDee KinMee. The international superstar will take on the role as entertainment co-ordinator for Heaven in 2016.

As you may know I am in semi retirement and not really in “the loop” anymore and no longer have time to run everything. It fantastic that someone with a full schedule is giving back to her community – no matter how many newspapers she is on the cover of, or international cities she visits. Thanks darl!

It is always a group effort to make our community events work like they do - so thankyou to everyone involved... you are all my heroes.

heaven bb blog
will return and do their final production show on 19 September at the NBC Sports Club featuring Eliza Downe, April Fools & Ellectra Kute. Alas we had one of the other girls quit as I called her a hypocrite on social media. Its a shame things didnt work out - but i am never going to put one person ahead of the greater community. 

We will be delivering a top notch production show none the less… its going to be a fab event! So please rock up and support the girls on stage, they not only represent themselves, but they represent a very large team of people who dont get their name in lights.... who do the work for free, who help us out and give Western Sydney something fantastic to turn up too...  its always been for me about the community, so make sure you turn up and have a great time - the girls will be putting on a great show for you!

To keep up with heaven dates and news, please check out our group on Guidetogay – we have all the coming dates online for you to RSVP too… its going to be a great year ahead.
Wollongong isn’t really part of Western Sydney – but as an "outer" Sydney region - we have taken them into our family fold...

They have some incredible people doing a fabulous job supporting the LGBT community… and the team at UNITY are just fabulous. A little birdie tells me they are now doing the fortnightly Pink Nation show on VoxFM. Every second Monday night 21:00 to 22:00 – so you can tune in to that, and then come and joi me and the crew over on Queeer Out West… every Monday night from 10pm to midnight… you know I mention it every column – but its such fun to do it, and we love that you all listen on the internet or via the radio.

So... are you stepping up and running an event in Western Sydney or Down south or north or out of the general metro area???  Make sure you set up a FREE what's on listing on so we can share your events each month in my column... chookas darls!

OMFG – sleeping their way to the top???
Which western Sydney Queen who was the winner of a recent talent quest... was caught naked in bed with one of the judges?
That deserves an extra 10 points lol…. or wasn't it a perfect 10??? Gurl - show me the pictures and i can help you score him!
Will she continue sleeping her way to the top and get more work? And is its all worth it???
Only time will tell gorgeous.


Until next time stay gorgeous Bx

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