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New middle Airline Seat design gives you the luck of the Irish

middle0415 seat design
Its been the baine of air travel for EVER...  the dreaded middle seat. But thanks to company Thompson Aero Seating, the days of cramming yourself into the thing will be long gone.

The Northern Ireland seating manufacturer has transformed the infamous center seat into the prime place to park yourself for the duration of your flight, thanks to its staggered Cozy Suite design.

The design detail making the middle seat worth fighting over: an extra headrest. Soft headrests on each side of the chair allow the middle passenger to nap without the awkward chance of dozing onto a stranger’s shoulder. All chairs feature a retractable seat, allowing more space to slide by your neighbors without creating traffic in the aisle. Mix that with the chair’s hardback design—meaning you won’t be awoken with every sharp kick to the back of your seat—and a forward-sliding recline action that won’t invade anyone else’s space and you’ve got yourself an equation for a restful flight.

If productivity is your prerogative, even the tray table has also been updated for better usability. The design allows it to fold twice, meaning you can use half of it for when you need a smaller workspace or for Patsy style nibbles and nuts.

There’s an upside for the airlines, as well. These design tweaks make room for additional seats in the plane cabins. Sounds like a win all around! Economy is looking even more attractive these days!

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