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Endings and Beginnings

OMG ... So much as happened in the last four weeks were will I start?

Our social night here in Western Sydney – Heaven had it’s opening night for "Heavenly Divas" (and my 48th birthday) which went off with a bang on 21 March… Check out the photos on – shot by the lovely Rob at Ego.

A few changes will be  made before our next dance on the 23rd May as we will be moving all the shows forward a bit to 9:30pm and 10:30pm.

PopUp Drag will be at 11:30pm to give you all more time to dance the night away!

Sadly seven days after Heaven we said farewell to my drag daughter LayDee KinMee's  father ' RIP Barry '… you will be missed darling.

Drags to Bitches has been selling out our clubs across Western Sydney. If you haven't  seen it I recommend you buy a ticket and see in its current form. It’s a hoot and a half – and an ACE Award winner.

Just as we celebrate Easter weekend and recover from overdosing on chocolate... More SAD NEWS breaks as of the 12th of April the Parramatta golf club will close for good. It's sad for so many different reasons as for many years the golf club has supported the GLBTQI community.

I remember attending a social dance (many years ago) called Castaways, which was followed by Dolphins and most recently Kaleidoscope social dance. As you may know, that finished in December 2014 due to a lack of support by management and patrons and the club became a little rundown.

Maybe it's time for something new and to move forward maybe it will create heaps of new jobs for people living in the Parramatta area! That would be progress..

Rumour has it, the Powerhouse Museum may relocate to the site in the future.

There are not that many people willing to put their hands up to run social events in Western Sydney – so when they do come up – we really do appreciate all your support – and hope that you can come along to them all – meet lots of new friends, have some fun and make Western Sydney a vibrant place to be gay…   after all, I know I do it so we can all have lots of fun in a welcoming and safe envoironment.

This weekend (11April) we have The Polly Club social dance at the Marrickville Town Hall  if you love the 80s music " Solid Gold " this is night not to be missed with special guest DJ Jimmy Dee from 7pm • entry $25 • Show 9:15pm .

A quick reminder most social events are not-for-profit organizations which organized social events in the community to provide a safe place for the GLBTI community to socialize and raise a little bit of money along the way for a great organizations so if you have the opportunity get out and check out social events like : Heaven Social Dance , Unity Wollongong , The Polly Club Social Dance & The Three Sisters Social Group in Blue Mountains ... Because they might just become a  memory like all the other fabulous nights that have come and gone in our community so people need to make more of an effort .

In other exciting news Queer Out West 89.3fm will celebrate 14 years of broadcasting to the gay community on the radio and on the Internet  and will introduce 2 new presenters to QOW the fabulous LayDee KinMee & Fifi Fo'Fum and Big thank you to the fabulous Danni Dyke and Devivine Intervention aka Honey Rollover for their dedication to the show throughout 2014 and wish them all the best in the future .     



I spy with my little eye something beginning with P ? Will a very successful drag production show be forced to make some changes later this year because of big personalities and greed?

Not all good things last forever.  Especially when they Think they are better than everybody else and do more than everybody else. It's so sad because it's an awesome production show it's just a pity that some of them think they are Diva's now. Lol

In  other gossip they could be an ongoing GLBTI Night in Western Sydney On EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT later this Year  OMFG – I can’t wait! Stay tuned to my column on for more info as it comes to hand!

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