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wubuttercupThe year has started off with a bang for the first Heaven Social Dance of the year, the original idea was to set up nights for us Western Drags to have a stage and for us and our friends to hang out.
So, we kicked off 2015 with '' Audition For Your Heavenly Diva's '' on the 24th January, Wow what a night at Heaven. Thank you to firstly all the people that came @150 people, the judges : Gracie Lou, LayDee KinMee, Felicity Frockaccino, Ian Stumbles. and the Fabulous host of the evening PORTIA TURBO. The WINNING Contestants are ; Eliza Downe (1st), April Fools (2nd), Ellectra Kute (3rd) & Fifi Fo'Fum (4th/backup) + Felicity Frockaccino will now make up the cast of the HEAVENLY DIVAS presented By Frock You Production and will open a brand NEW show never seen before on 21st March and all the contestants (from the audition) will have opportunity to perform in the NEW PopUp Drag shows at Heaven for cash prize in 12am show Host By; Eliza Downe ...
OMFG It will be my 28th birthday with 20years experience and I will stress and cry if I want to on 21st March at Northmead Bowling Club, Sydney .
Again thank you to all the patrons and bar staff. It was great to see so many people.

The fabulousity which is Fair Day is on Sunday 22 February, Last years Fair Day experience started as soon as we exited the car and were approached by a young man who offered us a "service" in the laneway - i kid you not!
Considering it was the second time in 16 years that I have attended Fair Day as a boy and I still nearly got lucky, he made me feel like a dirty old man - lol

We ran off to Victoria Park to join in the festivities. Fair Day was an eye opener as I was just one of thousands of people sitting on a blanket in front of the main stage. It's a sign that I really am a nobody, nobody recognised me lol !!!!!!!!!

When Fair Day is over you know the Parade is soon to follow on 07 March. After walking and working the parade for 16 years, will this year be any different? As you get older, it seems the route gets longer... despite offers to be part of a float, this will be the second year in a row that I will be watching the parade from VIP Area and dashing off to the party with my partner in crime Eliza Downe. I just had too much fun last year at the Party. I'd like to see more floats and social groups from the West be involved, it seems everyone splits into other groups at Mardi Gras time when it should be a time that we unite?

It's going to be a huge year for Queer Out West 89.3fm ! This year we celebrate 14 years of broadcasting to the LGBTIQ community and How will I cope with a new Hi-tech studio and the presenters ? Also this year we will welcomed back into the studio after some time away the Yodelling Drag Queer ; LayDee KinMee & Ian Stumbles to the panel and hopefully pick up some fabulous sponsors for our program, so if you're interested drop us a line or check out our website: or (Sponsorship/Advertising: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Which Western Sydney drag queen who spends most of her days in the local shopping centre and gym, which all sounds good until you find out which muscles she is working on. With the gym barring her from the premises for indecent behaviour in a public place, how many gyms does she need to be barred from before she realises there is a time and place for everything - Not at the gym love or the shopping centre !!

As there is only 6 social dance's a year now I will no longer waste my time on those queens which constantly cancel if they get a better offer!! Don't take it personally. I can't be bothered if you can't commit.. That's ''KARMA''
Until next time Gorgeous,

Have a Happy and safe Mardi Gras!
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