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OMG, after being nominated 6 times for the 'Queen Of Hearts Award' it was fabulous last year to have won three times in 21 years of doing drag.
I thought it was a great way to go out on 2013 - on top (insert pun here)

I decided after that show, now that I am in semi-retirement, I would not attend this year's DIVA awards.

It was a shock to find out I was nominated again this year... who would have thought!!! So that makes 7 noms and three wins! Not bad for an old queen eh? 

Now, after "semi-retiring" I will focus on my role as co-ordinator of the great social events in Western Sydney, the various charity events and of course my beloved community radio program "Queer Out West 89.3fm”  All as a "boy" (sans drag as we like to say in the biz) so i will leave the performing and stage craft up to the young ones!

Go for it kids... If you ever need a Bananarama track to lip sync to mummy is here to help! Maybe i can even school you on the greats of 80's and 90's pop :)

Speaking of DIVA. This year, they actually saw past Oxford Street and included the young, camp and totally fabulous drag queen 'Lola Del Arte' as a barrel girl. Poor bitch had more costume changes than a drag show in Western Sydney - so you KNOW I LOVE IT) and the booking agents dream 'Drag To Bitches' which hails from the west also received 2 nominations at the drag industry variety awards...

Pretty good considering it is in its first year of production.

I highly recommend the show - you can see it at any RSL near you and i may be in the front row!

iTunesArtwork1-300x300I want to also congratulate Maxi Shield and her girls from MEALS ON HEELS - for winning the "variety" award at the DIVA's... you can grab a meal at Belloccios, Columbian or Stonewall (the list keeps growing so keep an eye on Maxi's website)

I highly recommend the game you can download on your phone! Maxi running down oxford street is camp as her tits! You can download it here.

gayliensMy baby Heaven Social Dance is always good value - and this coming Nov 15 is one not to miss! It's the last dance of 2014. Northmead Bowling Club, 166 Windsor Rd, Northmead NSW. With the final production show of ”GAYLIENS” 

FEATURING: Felicity Frockaccino, Eliza Downe, Coco Foxx & Fifi Fo'Fum! (These girls are interstellar troopers! Love the show and you will too - so pop along and see them tear up the stage in Northmead for the final time...

Shows 10 & 11pm its going to a big one so get there early doors open at 7pm
Entry only $10

1408439327One of my favourite former Western Sydney dancing divas will co-ordinate the Unity Wollongong RED PARTY/WORLD AIDS DAY Dance on 29th of November now back at the Wollongong Tennis Club, Foley street Gwynneville.

After trying out some alternative venues they are back where they started... it's a move for the better and all our Wollongong and Southern Highlands gays should jump on board. Check out the GTG article by clicking :)
The last Kaleidoscope Social Dance is upon us. I know i have moaned on about it - but i really loved this event... anyhow... it will be a massive one - one for WORLD AIDS DAY... RED PARTY #4

Saturday 06th December at the Parramatta Golf Club, Park Parade from 7pm. Hosted By: Beverly Buttercup - Pandora Boxxx plus the ever incredible support from Mr News - Geoff Field (2DayFm) I can't wait.

With 3 Shows featuring 15 Performance, From 7pm Shows 9:30 , 10:30 & 11:30pm Entry $15. All proceeds on the night go to World AIDS Day via the AIDS council of NSW.

All patrons are encouraged to wear RED

PRIZES available for best dressed Male & Female... so get creative!

With an array of fabulous people donating their time to help promote awareness and raise moneyfor the cause, make sure you turn up - its going to be camp as a row of tents.

You know i love my gossip and drama, but i love KARMA even more...

What goes around comes around!

A certain drag queen is name dropping to get bookings and undercutting to take other drag queens bookings!

They have not been around very long and given their actions - they won't last very long!

''REMEMBER YOU PAY FOR WHAT YOU GET"  and if you try to use my name and you are not me, you WILL be found out... 

Also in other gossip... with HEAVEN looking for new cast in 2015. Some Queens refused to audition this time so they may miss out on being part of heaven in 2015.

Auditioning for Heaven is not a bad thing - we just want to give all our sisters a fair shot at a moment in the spotlight. 

Given some of the ego's this time around it "may" be an ALL NEW CAST. Who can say - but you know i love my drama...

We are always up to what the customers want... Heaven is a great platform for both our girls and our patrons. i am very excited to see who can "bring it" and be the heavenly Diva's - its going to be a fabulous ride and even more fabulous to see who makes it to the stage at Heaven... its time to show the WORLD what Western Sydney Queens can deliver!

It's not that we want to make people beg, but we want an even playing field for all talent in Western Suydney... rock up and show what you have got and our audience will love you!

We want all our sisters to have the best opportunities - but nothing is a given...

Until next time gorgeous!

Luv BB
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