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This is it. R.I.P. Kaleidoscope

All good things must come to an end and the decision hasn't come lightly.

After six months I have decided to not continue with Kaleidoscope Social Dance in 2015.

By now most you know that we need a least 70 people every dance to cover the cost of entertainment & DJ Hire.

In 2013 we made a decision to reduce the dances to 6 a year (in 2014) at the Parramatta Golf Club hoping to increase the amount of people and make the night more viable. It is no longer practical to have two ongoing social dances in Western Sydney.

I'm a big believer in reality and the time has come to let it go. It's been a very hard decision for me to make.

Kaleidoscope started by Janice Waters back in June 2010 was purely to provide a safe environment for the GLBTQI community and provide a place for local drag queens to perform, running events like this in the community you rely on the community to get involved and I believe there is a big complacency in the community where people just take things for granted and with myself and Ian working on Saturday and not being paid to run these events and in some cases being up 24 hours on the weekend of the social dances.

The last Kaleidoscope will be a very big night The Annual World Aids Day charity night on the 6th December with all proceeds going to ACON $15

With 15 performers it's going to go off. Mark this one in you diary.. I really hope that people will continue to support my baby.

The alternative social event Heaven Social Dance, we have locked in all our dates for 2015. I really hope with only one Dance running in Western Sydney more people will come out and support us and help us give back more money to community organizations and provide a place for Western Sydney Drag queens to perform in a safe environment and allow their friends and family to come along to our social events.

You cannot compare us with a gay nightclub we are more like a blue light disco without the under 18's attending lol..

I really hope someone doesn't come along and wreck all the hard work that we've done. A lot of planning has gone into locking in the dates trying to avoid other events and reducing the amount of dances. I really hope 2015 will that will be the biggest year ever and at Heaven we are searching- auditioning for a new cast, your Heavenly Divas on the Australian Day weekend in January (24th).

In summing up I'm very happy over the years that we have been able to raise thousands of dollars and give back to community organizations all the money donated from our dances.

The information is available on our website people need to remember we are a not-for-profit social event and cannot be compared with the business or somebody that is out to make money for themselves, that's not what we are about and never will be.

That is why I do it for nothing, I really think it's important that we have a safe place to socialize in our own community of Western Sydney. So remember if you do not support the only ones left in 2015 that will finish also.. SO R.I.P Castaway - Dolphin - fanny's Place - 4Play/Pash - Out West Dance's - Diamonds & Pearls and NOW Kaleidoscope!!

There is so many memories made at the social events in Western Sydney so please support what's left. 
Heaven Social Dance at Northmead
The Polly's Club at Marrickville
Canterbury-Bankstown District Gay & Lesbian Group.

When they put on events get out and support them when possible.

Which western Sydney drag queen made an appearance at the Parramatta Golf Club and has now made a name for herself on the golf course for finding balls of other drag queens boyfriends, balls that is..

The young drag queens think they can do whatever they want with a bit of makeup and a wig and they go crazy, if they're not running crazy at Macdonald's after a social event they are crawling around on the golf course. There's a memory I won't forget quickly! LOL

Until next month stay gorgeous Bx
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