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A Change Is Coming...

So much has changed over the years in the community.

Is it a case of me trying to hold on to something not worth holding onto anymore? That's the big question.

I am not sure of the future but not prepared to let go of the past, I feel people now just take it for granted that we will be here in the future but sadly this is not the case any more... I can finally say I've had enough of being the person that does everything!

I'm just too old and sick of the politics and people just taking it for granted. Some big decisions will be made in October which will affect everybody in the GBTQI community in Western Sydney.

On a brighter note:

GAYLIENSHeaven Social Dance will launch its brand new production show GAYLIENS on 13 September at the Northmead Bowling Club featuring some of Western Sydney's campest and best drag performers:
Felicity Frockaccino
Eliza Downe
Coco Foxx
Fifi Fo'Fum

For two shows only, with unfortunately one of the cast members abducted by .... Gayliens ... lol

pinknationIn other exciting news former Western Sydney dancing diva Melicious D'Amage takes on community radio program "Pink Nation" on 106.9 Vox FM Mondays 21:00-22:00 presented by The Unity Wollongong group... which will make your Mondays extra gay, as its just before lil old me and the crew on Queer Out West! So get a double dose of Gay radio from two fab stations, both supporting our community here in the west and south!

Queer Out West on 89.3fm kicks off at 10pm , will be celebrating 13 years of supporting the GLBTQI community on the radio and on the Internet with different presenters every week.

Multi award-winning Maxi Shield & Me, Felicity Frockaccino, Nikki Facchin, Danni Dyke , Divine Intervention, Robert Manser, Ian Stumbles, Jeremy Smith & and special monthly interviews including James Rogen-Hall from Mardi Gras and Gavin Prendergast from ACON and a whole lot of fun, music and gossip. What more could you ask for on a Monday night?

It's been a big month of gossip and drama with the newest up-and-coming Western Sydney Drag Queen cancelling on our brand new production show because it didn't suit her style or standard because it may wreck her reputation lol

After winning FrockedUp # 2 competition this year and doing drag for two years she has turned into a diva but the big question is will people remember her in a years time if she doesn't drop her standards and stop being PRECIOUS?

Also inside scoop has it... which Western Sydney drag queens may make it all the way through "TORA'S DRAG RACE... with Maxi" and flea the west for the big lights of Oxford Street... Congratulations girlfriend!

I wish all our local girls luck in their endeavours - just don't forget your roots! (And i mean us here in the west, not your shags!)

That's it for this month

Until next time stay gorgeous

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