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It's been an interesting month I might say. With the launch of a new social dance. Gee how they come and go.

Hopefully this is not the case, as the launch of Nightlife Social Dance on 30th March was reported to be a bit of a flop. Was it a case of bad venue, bad organisation or bad timing?  Hopefully they do not give up and there will be another dance coming soon.

It’s always great to see people giving it a go and giving people lots of options.

For more info on Nightlife, you can visit their website.  


In other exciting news I have been asked as a special guest to perform at the House of Drag at the Imperial Hotel which is on every Saturday night from midnight which will include some of Sydney's best drag performers being included.  Considering I have not performed there in over ten years I am quite excited, nervous and anxious, considering I am one of the older drag performers.  
FIND VENUES on Guidetogay’s City Guides


Most LGBTI people have to deal with homophobic or transphobic harassment or verbal abuse and many have been physically attacked just for being who they are. As a result of homophobia and discrimination, LGBT young people are more likely to start using drugs, self harm or attempt suicide.
LGBTI people in Australia are still fighting for equal rights, like the right to get married, or the right to adopt children, and some churches, schools and institutions can still legally discriminate on the basis of sexuality. This is why we need IDAHO. It’s a great opportunity to challenge homophobia and transphobia and to celebrate diversity.  

So this year Western Sydney will be putting on a few  events if you would like to participate.  

The first one in Western Sydney will be  on Thursday 16th May in Church Street Mall in Parramatta. In a significant development, Parramatta Council endorsed IDAHO this year and there will be support from the Parramatta Local Area Command, expect to see lots of rainbows and colour and support from the locals.


Also the Canterbury /Bankstown District Gay and Lesbian Community Group are in the process of organising an event on the 18th May at a designated area to be confirmed.  If you would like to be involved or require more information please visit their website

Also on the same date the 18th May HEAVEN SOCIAL DANCE  presents "Heaven and Hell" dance party providing a safe venue for the GLBT community in support of  IDAHO.  This event is at the Northmead Bowling Club ,  8pm-1am  Entry: $10.00  Shows 10pm & 11:30pm

RSVP on the Whats on listings and invite your friends via the website or app!


Also on  01st June is KALEIDOSCOPE SOCIAL DANCE  3ND BRITHDAY / HAVEN CHARTY NIGHT. Hosted By: Sandy Bottom, Melicious D’Amage, Felicity Frockachino . Guests: Felicity Frockachino , Sandy Bottom , Melicious D’amage , Wilhemina Scott , Eliza Downe , Danger Del Ray , CoCo Fox , Fifi Fo’Fum ,  Antonio Mantonio , Venus D’luna , Tina Balle , April Fools , Sheneeds Amore , Ruthless R . At The Parramatta Golf Clubm. 8pm – 1am  Entry: $15.00  Shows 10 , 11pm  & 12am (Felicity) D.J Shaft.  Lights/Camera : Glenn. 

RSVP on the Whats on listings and invite your friends via the website or app!


Drag Gossip


Its's that time of the year and organising the two charity events for Western Sydney always comes with lots of drama.

What is it with the new baby drags trying to tell me what they will and won't do when they offer to do it in the first place?

Lovlies, let me tell you now it’s "My way or the highway".  LOL

In other news which production show scheduled to hit the big stage this year has been forced to fire some of their leading cast members and replace them with the fabulous Charisma Belle?

Ms Belle has had to step in to do the choreography and give the show some sorely needed direction.  It's her way or no way too glamourpusses!

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