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Twisted Harmony revisits the tales and life story of a young gay man struggling with self identity and sexuality, through a variety of life experiences and some down right horrible circumstances. All in the path to winning the then coveted title of Mr Gay Sydney.

sound familiar? well it might. This very website was built around a project we did with the then Mr Gay Sydney, Kent Gryphon, who is the author of this massive novel. When Kent won the title, he wanted to make the pageant more than just a tits n ass thing, and we did a fundraiser for the AIDS Trust of Australia, by producing our first video guide - on VHS no less.

Years on, we have become a massive international GBLTI hub, and Kent has re-written his novel a billion times, but the end result is sooo worth it!

After reading a few earlier versions - and even being in the story myself, it was a real pleasure to know Kent had reached his goal - we always knew the potential in the story he was writing… and this version is just that, a perfectly written piece of Gay fiction… sure - there are lots of Sydney references in there, and many Sydney-siders will have a giggle figuring out who is who - there are icons, dykons, and many self absorbed characters in this book, and its an amazing read.

Funnily enough - i was intrigued as to why my part of the story had been cut - thats right - i was informed that my part of the story was no longer there… so without having to issue cease and diciest orders, i awaited the arrival of the book in the post… and no wonder - the story ends when the character wins the Mr Gay Sydney title… just before my storyline would have started… so will there be a part two? A lot of other Sydney folk are intrigued as to the stories that were in earlier drafts of the book…

But enough self focus - really, this book is totally kick ass. It deals with many gay issues, like coming out, relationships, domestic violence, and its done with a unique, slightly kinky bent that will have you turning pages as fast as your eyeballs will allow.

Twisted Harmony has instantly earned its place in gay publishing history along side classics like "Holding The Man". Its iconic, educational, dramatic and entertaining.

This book should really be on the list of "must read" books for anyone who needs help coming out, and especially those dealing with domestic violence issues… I actually hope ACON and other community health organizations jump on this as a great resource.

the book is currently in limited print, and if your lucky enough you might be able to grab one from the Bookshop Darlinghurst.