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Bridesmaids Movie is the Shizz

  • Written by Rob Manser
  • Category: Film

ok, now i just saw the most incredible thing ever - the new trailer for the movie "BRIDESMAIDS" - a total comedy romp with some very cool SNL cast members, plus a tonne of my other favourite actors, including Aussie "Rebel Wilson" and our good pal, Matt Lucas from Little Britain…

It's a killer comedy storyline, and one that goes past the jokes shown in the trailer... we can't wait to review it - the trailers are just amazing!

do a search on youtube or appleTV. the various trailers are absolute killer - we told you first!

Tron: Legacy

  • Written by Jen JP
  • Category: Film

Disney's budget-buster takes special effects to spectacular and stylish new heights.

Tron arrived in cinemas at exactly the right time back in 1982. It was the start of the video game era, with games like Space Invaders and Pac-Man eating up kids' hard- earned pocket money; advances in microchip technology meant that computers were no longer hulking great monsters- home computers were looking to become a realistic option, and thanks to cinema visionaries such as George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, movie special effects were advancing at an impressive rate. At the time, Tron and its special effects were absolutely state-of-the art, and the subject matter- virtual reality and super fast, super sophisticated computers were in the forefront of people's imaginations.

Fast forward to 2010 and everything, from computers to video games to CGI have advanced at a staggering rate. So it was only natural that the exciting virtual world explored in the original Tron movie benefited from our leaps and bounds in technology.

Tron: Legacy sees Sam Flynn, (Garrett Hedlund) the son of the original protagonist, Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) pulled unwittingly into the virtual world of The Grid, twenty years after his father went missing. Things have changed a lot since we left The Grid, and not for the better. Flynn Sr's virtual reality alter-ego, Clu, has become a megalomaniacal tyrant and has shaped the computer driven world as he sees fit. On the run, Sam is rescued by foxy Quorra (Olivia Wilde) a program who is the protege of his father. Reunited at last with his aged dad, the three start out on a huge adventure to get back to the real world before Clu can find a way to escape from The Grid and wreck havoc on the real world.

The special effects in Tron: Legacy are unbelievable. The film cost in the area of 200 million dollars to make, and it's easy to see where all that cash went. The action scenes are dynamic, spectacular and over-the-top in a way that is thoroughly enjoyable and never, ever boring. The MOCAP-based CGI effects for the younger version of Kevin Flynn are spot on. At times you can almost tell you're looking at a CGI character, but being that this character is a computer-generated image of The Grid, that illusion works perfectly. The facial expressions, the wicked glint in his eye, the textures of his hair and skin are so flawless that you will forget that the younger Jeff Bridges you're looking at isn't totally the real thing. The visual production isn't all just special effects, though- the film retains a great 1980's design sensibility in some of the hair and make-up touches. The costumes look fantastically high-tech while retaining the cool original aesthetic, and the whole lot is complimented by a soundtrack from the French electronic music act Daft Punk. The plot is well paced and stops short of being too convoluted or high tech. While there are a lot of high-concept themes on offer, they are given something of a Disney treatment, and don't get in the way of the action-packed story.

Garrett Hedlund is suitably brooding, energetic and cocky as Sam Flynn; Olivia Wilde is big-eyed, slinky-suited loveliness as Quorra, a program anomaly who kicks some serious butt; Michael Sheen has a wonderfully camp role as the David Bowie-esque program Castor; Tron original Bruce Boxleitner is looking good as he reprises his role as Alan Bradley. The real star of the show is undoubtedly Jeff Bridges, who plays senior Flynn as a man who has spent a lot of time meditating on the mistakes he has made in his life and is well capable of making amends. In addition, he spends plenty of screen time in CGI for as a much younger version of himself reprising the original role of Clu.

There really is something for everyone in this film. There are fight scenes, motorbike chases, flying machines battles, eye-popping special effects and even a few laughs. The film also benefits hugely from the advances in 3D production in recent years, which definitely add something special to the virtual reality landscapes of The Grid. While the original Tron didn't totally set the box office on fire, there's no doubt Tron: Legacy will be an enormous and well deserved hit over the school holidays.

The Runaways

  • Written by Lisa McMahon
  • Category: Film

“Can you sing?”

“I won a talent contest lip-syncing to David Bowie.”

Long before Simon Fuller harnesses the girl power of the Spice Girls, Riot Grrrl guitar feminism and Linda Perry penned songs for every female pop singer on the planet, Kim Fowley wrangled the raw desire of a gaggle of teenage musicians to create the seminal girl group The Runaways.

Being the 1970s, this is a glam but gloomy tale of the twisted world of Cherie Currie (Dakota Fanning), the teen crooner of the iconic "Cherry Bomb".  This is Dakota’s all-grown-up movie. She nails the role as a drugged-out underage sex kitten, so it is no surprise at times she looks a touch like Lindsay Lohan after a night out.

Everywhere you turn, the media has Kristen Stewart’s long face staring out at you. It’s hard to see her as anyone but her Twilight character Bella Swan. At time, it felt like Kristen was channelling Shane from The L Word more than Joan Jett.

What makes this movie so watchable is the story mix: part of coming of age, part biopic of the birth of a music legend. It has all the elements of the fabled of rock and roll rites of passage: hitting the road in a beat up car, no cash, seedy hotel rooms, roadies and a fist full of drugs and alcohol. Through the 70s grainy style cinematography you are transported back to a time when glam rock and punk crashed to earth.

LA svengali band manager/producer Kim Fowley, a played with a delusional drug haze so thick you could snort it by Michael Shannon, should not be left near children. In that, this is a sad tale of how dysfunctional family life is a gateway to a wasted adulthood. After initial fame and a mind blowing tour of Japan the band imploded, leaving Currie to fall into a spiral of drug addiction whilst Joan went on to create The Blackhearts and hits such as “Crimson and Clover” and "I Love Rock 'N' Roll". Bassist Micki Steele joined The Bangles in the early 1980s and went on to huge success with songs "Walk Like an Egyptian" and "Eternal Flame".

The supporting cast is a powerful ensemble of hot young actresses. Arrested Development’s Alia Shawkat strangely doesn’t say a word unlike firecracker Scout Taylor-Compton, who lets fly with a great verbal assault as the band disintegrates. Rock and roll royalty Riley Keough and former wild child Tatum O’Neill form the eroding Currie family, and if life imitates art (or vice versa) these actresses don’t have to reach very far to understand the fucked-up-family syndrome.

OK, so don’t take the kiddie fans of Dakota and Kristen to this unless they need a life lesson in pitfalls of seeking fame. You’ll leave wishing you could live a little larger and love rock ‘n roll all over again with all the trash-bags sex and sin that is so alluring.

As Fowley says... “You’re a singer, that’s what you do – sing and strut around in your underwear.”

Yogi Bear Gets into Boo Boo

  • Written by Rob Manser
  • Category: Film

The new Yogi Bear movie poster is a little more raunchy than the producers probably would want!

The poster shows Yogi smiling behind BooBoo. the younger cheeky bear. With a poster "Good things Come in Bears".

Double Entendre or just a harmless mistake? Either way - we think its priceless, this poster will definitely be a collectors item once the word is out!

Dan Ackroyd and Justin Timberlake provide the booboo and Yogi voices respectively and as you would expect from any kids movie, its going to be available in "3D" so the cinemas can charge another 20% on tickets.

S&TC 2 Premiere

  • Written by Rob Manser
  • Category: Film

Sex & The City 2 slammed onto the world stage last night at Radio City Music Hall, and of course, was there to capture the action! Our team got front and center for Liza's arrival, and you can see the glam - she is such a legend!

Ross Matthews from the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, also had the honour of being knighted as the "male Carrie Bradshaw" by SJP herself! check out the video below... more photos from the premiere will be in our photo galleries!