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OK, grab a seat and calm yourselves, cos I know i have just died and gone to hunk heaven... thanks to the new film "Magic Mike".

It has been announced that super hunk Channing Tatum (Step It Up, GI Joe etc) is having his pre movie star REAL LIFE story made into a movie - and even better - its stars himself!

The film follows the real-life experience of Channing Tatum (played by Alex Pettyfer), who, as a young male stripper was mentored by an older pro (played by Channing Tatum).

Even more exciting is that Matthew McConnaghy is also in the flick playing a male stripper - Matthews Bomer and McConaughey are apparently walking around set all day half naked - did anyone say INTERN???  YES PLEASE!

Actually - just sit there and stare at the picture above - is that enough of a sell? I personally can't wait!