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You would think that a movie that has some really killer jokes in the trailer will only re-deliver those jokes throughout the flick, you know - we show the funniest bits, but really, Pitch Perfect is border line the "clueless" of its generation.


Rebel Wilson scores a perfect "10" for this film, and the rest of the cast are not far behind.


With a funny script, improv from Rebel and a mix of Scary Movie meets clueless, it really is the movie for generation Glee.


Musical Theatre studies is the new 'jock-ocracy" and we join the college bound accapella singers as they try to rebuild the glory days and the fame that comes with it.


Its a tongue in cheek parody flick that pokes fun at both Generation OMG and the style of movies it is itself.


It will have you screaming like a diva in church at the jokes and the oh - so ridiculous setups.


Pitch Perfect is one of those "lightning in a bottle" movies - perfect casting, perfect story and probably never to be repeated.


Its genius, a hole bunch of camp and a whole lots of fun. Acca-awesome.