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REVIEW: Kylie Minogue - Kiss Me Once - London O2 Arena

  • Written by Damien Barrett
  • Category: Events
Its been a while between drinks for me and La Minogue. The last concert I saw was Aphrodite, so naturally I was super excited when she announced concerts in London while I was there on holidays - one of which was on Monday night (and the only free space in my itinerary).
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SAY CHEESE Exclusive Announcement

  • Written by Rob Manser
  • Category: Events

It was the hit party of the summer season earlier this year - and everyone is holding their breathe waiting for the announcement of the next Say Cheese Party… well, the venue and date have been announced, being Saturday September 4 at the Forum at Entertainment Quarter / Moore Park.

So, rush out and buy your tickets now…  well actually you will have to wait until Tuesday unless you are a member of the Say Cheese list. (Join the GTG now for special fire sale ticket prices!)

but for all of you waiting to hear about what the second installment will entail, we have THE exclusive!

SAY CHEESE will be held at The Forum
Special guest appearance by the fabulous LISA SCOTT LEE from STEPS!

Thats Right - it's time to begin - so count it in - 5,6,7,8!

Lisa will be jetting to Australia after a massive year appearing on "Strictly Come Dancing" in the UK (Their version of Dancing With The Stars) and will be blowing the roof off EXCLUSIVELY at Say Cheese Venue for the event in true say chess meets STEPS style!

Its euro-pop 'triffic!

Headline DJ's for Say Cheese will be the glorious Dan Murphy and the vivacious Greg Boladian.

Put your hands in the air now as they wont come down until Christmas. Los of special surprises, from a very GLEEkly inspired moment to the traditional SAY CHEESE photobooths - this time with a very GAY twist! WE know you will love it!

You can buy tickets for the event at

Make sure you join the GTG SAY CHEESE Group for an exclusive meet and greet VIP event experience at Say Cheese… you never know - you may get to hang with Lisa Scott Lee and live out your Steps fantasy!

Salt n Pepa, Enmore Theatre - November 24, 2011

  • Written by Rob Manser
  • Category: Events

Throughout the 80’s & 90’s, Salt n Pepa broke down barriers & opened doors for the likes of Lil’ Kim, TLC, Missy Elliott & Nicki Minaj. They were the first female rappers to go platinum, & first to win a Grammy. They were also one of the first concerts I attended as a kid (when they played the Sydney Entertainment Centre back in the early 90’s), so I jumped at the chance to check out their 2011 Australian Tour.

The crowd at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre were all grown, but giddy at the thought of being transported back to a time when SnP’s songs of safe sex were the first of their kind. Some were even dressed as the duo circa 1988 - complete with doorknocker earrings, bandanas & gold chains. There was also a noticeable gay percentage – which seemed large for a Hip Hop show. However, it’s not hard to understand the appeal of the group’s sassy image, & their songs of empowerment & self-respect.

A DJ warmed everyone up with urban hits from back in the day. Montell Jordan’s ‘This Is How We Do It’ & Boyz II Men’s ‘Motownphilly had folks on their feet. Zhane’s ‘Hey Mr. DJ’ got a huge response - perhaps I wasn’t the only one who instantly recalled Zhane were the support act on SnP’s tour back in the 90’s.

‘Australia’s Got Talent’ finalist, Timomatic was opening act this time around, but perhaps an odd choice. While he definitely has crazy dance & vocal chops, his key demographic would presumably be the crowd’s children, who were all at home with a sitter. While his MJ tribute grabbed their attention, his patter between songs was cringe-worthy. Like a bad cliché (think Chris Lilley’s S.Mouse), at times his accent was thicker than the headliner’s. Perhaps the biggest misfire was when he performed a sexy rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’ because he guessed that somebody must be having a birthday up in here.

Show time arrived & the crowd went into overdrive as the ladies hit the stage. They opened with ‘Do You Want Me’, before tearing through a bunch of hits – ‘Expression’, ‘Shake Your Thang’, ‘R U Ready’, ‘Twist & Shout’… When Pepa introduced ‘Let’s Talk About Sex’ the roof nearly lifted off the theatre. Likewise, with ‘Shoop’ - which saw the audience spitting back every word with all their might!

While lesser-known material was included, unfortunately some major hits were skipped over – ‘Heaven Or Hell’, ‘The Brick Track vs. Gitty Up’, ‘Ain’t Nothin’ But A She Thing’… Most notably absent was their Grammy winning smash, ‘None Of Your Business’. However, it’s understood that Salt no longer feels comfortable with some of the group’s racier lyrics due to her religious beliefs.

The duo were accompanied by two male dancers & a male DJ – no, not Spinderella who battled with the duo on their VH1 reality show a few years back, over feelings that she was being treated as a hired hand rather than a full-fledged member of the group. Spinderella’s absence was felt - especially as she had solo verses on many of the group’s biggest hits, & was referenced throughout the night. (Spinderella cut it up one time!)

A huge highlight of the show saw Salt bring her husband out on stage, as she informed the crowd that they had been together for 20 years & tonight was his birthday. (Wow, maybe Timomatic was onto something!) She dedicated ‘Whatta Man’ & danced with him throughout her verse. Pepa halted the track midway through, as she quipped, “Stop the music! That’s very nice… married for 20 years… See the problem is, I ain’t married!” She scanned the crowd looking for two “bruthas” she could bring up to cure her loneliness. Pepa invited two well-groomed men onstage, but once the DJ dropped the track back in, it became apparent that these two were better described as “sistas!” To the crowd’s delight, the fellas snapped, shimmied & dropped to their knees while the duo rapped about the virtues of a real man. Fabulous! As the boys left the stage, Pepa joked “& that’s why I’m single!”

Another surprise cameo came when the girls brought Mel B on from side stage, just as their DJ dropped Spice Girls ‘Wannabe’. Salt n Pepa were guest performers on X Factor just days earlier, & the girls’ adoration for each other was evident. Mel gave the crowd a huge “Girl Power!” as it became clear that Salt n Pepa’s influence far transcended Hip Hop.

Their message of positivity has not faded over a 25-year career. “The real you is way better than the fake somebody else,” Salt told an adoring audience. “If you don’t do anything else in this world, make sure you express yourself.” They spoke of their genuine love of Australia, having been here most recently to play last year’s Good Vibrations festival. Closing with their timeless hit ‘Push It”, the ladies left everyone on a massive high, & with the knowledge that their voices are as relevant as ever.


Follow Salt n Pepa on Twitter @TheSaltNPepa
Visit their official site




International Drag Day 2010 - Strike A Pose

  • Written by Rob Manser
  • Category: Events

Stonewall Hotel in Sydney was the place to be this International Drag, as it was filled to capacity with Drag Queens, Kings, fans friends and aficionados, all to STRIKE A POSE for the second International Drag Day, proudly supported by your favourite GLBTI online destination - of course!

A massive crowd turned out on a very chilly winters eve, to celebrate all things drag and to witness the first Strike A Pose INTERNATIONAL challenge.

Thats right - the Drag community of Sydney Australia is throwing down the gauntlet to sister cities around the country and around the world…

"Strike A Pose" next year on IDD and see if you can beat us! Calling all drag queens, drag kings, baby drags, blokes in wigs and more - get as many drag folk in your photo and share it with for your chance at the world record!

Sydney's drag community inaugural attempt will be showcased here on in our photo galleries, and in all its splendour at Stonewall Hotel in the coming weeks.

Congratulations to all involved, and a special thanks to Stonewall, Candy Box, Mark Dickson,,, SSO and of course the board and friends of DIVA - to which all the nights door takings were raised for Sydney's iconic DRAG Awards, The Diva Awards - to be held on September 6.

Check out the action in our photo galleries.