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bearded tit
A window display described as “unsettling and gross” has been created by Sydney artists Amaya Lang and Nicky Minus at Redfern drinking hole, The Bearded Tit.

The visually striking collaboration between ceramicist Lang and cartoonist Minus will be launched on Monday 11 January, as part of the bar’s all-female art showcase, Hole Lotta Love.
Lang and Minus’ work features in the front window on Regent Street and reflects the artists’ mutual obsession with distorted, alien visions of the female body.
Despite working in different mediums, the pair’s collaborative process has been easy, as the artists share a lot in common.
“We spend a lot of time together as we live together, share a studio together and are really great friends, so naturally our cultural interests overlap and this seeps into the art we make,” Minus said.
“And due to the amount of time we spend together it’s really easy to bounce ideas off each other as soon as we have them. If we’re out drinking with our friends we slip in and out of art talk, it consumes our lives.”

Lang agrees: “We both work independently on our art and then come together at various stages to make sure our work still ties in together visually and conceptually as obviously ceramics and comics couldn’t be more different”.
Both artists admit the work could be seen as "unsettling and gross".

Lang explains: "The ceramics are visceral and fleshy, while the bodies in the wall images are contorted and uncomfortably overlapping.

"Together, the works have a sexual tone that could feel a bit yuck to some."
It is the pair’s second collaborative work, after creating a sculpture for last year’s Underbelly Arts Festival on Cockatoo Island.

Lang last year held a solo show at 107 projects, showed at ANCA Gallery in Canberra, Underbelly Arts and Sydney Contemporary Art Fair. She has two shows coming up next month at Stanley Street Gallery and Kudos Gallery.
Minus has self-published four comic books, is a regular contributor to quarterly magazine The Lifted Brow and last year performed her comics at The Sydney Writers’ Festival and The NSW Writers’ Centre.
The launch party on 11 January is the first in a series of events at The Bearded Tit until 20 February as part of Hole Lotta Love and features other artists including Nat Randall, Emily O’Connor, Liz Ham and Kallie Thorax.