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Aussie Country Music Star Beccy Cole Comes Out

  • Written by Rob Manser
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One of Australia's favourite Country music superstars, Beccy Cole, has publicly revealed her sexuality after deciding that doing so would set an example to her son "that to be yourself is the most important thing in the world".

Beccy said she was inspired to use the opportunity to come out as a lesbian on ABC Program, Australian Story, on air tonight, by her 13-year-old son Rikki.

"While you can have your privacy and all that, there are certain times and certain issues where I want to set an example to him," she said.

"I have never hidden who I am from him.

"What started me thinking about revealing this more publicly was he was bringing a friend home and said 'Don't worry mum, I haven't said anything'.

"My 13-year-old son was trying to protect me.

"It's such a crucial time for him and he needs to see his mum standing up."

The show is a close up look at her decision to be public with her sexuality after she came to the realisation she was gay when she split with her musician husband Mike Albeck when her son was six-months-old. Its a fantastic story that highlights her friendship with her ex husband, fellow chart topping stars and also delves into the possible impact it may have with her base of country music fans.

"I've watched people like Darren Hayes and Anthony Callea and at the end of the day, it is the music that matters," she said.

"About 20 years ago, kd lang was a country singer and she said Nashville wasn't ready for a vegan lesbian who sings country music.

"You would hope times have changed."

We have met Beccy several times at the Tamworth Music Awards, and she is an absolute sweetheart - the team wish her all the best!

Her Episode of Australian Story airs in Australia on ABC TONIGHT at 8pm. (AEST)


  • Written by Rob Manser
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Grieving Queensland mum Joyce Kujala has called on Premier Campbell Newman to immediately close the legal loophole that allowed her son’s killer to walk free from jail after just four years.

Joyce’s son, Wayne Ruks, was brutally bashed to death in Maryborough in 2008 in a case that highlighted the notorious “gay panic” defence, in which a non-violent homosexual advance can be used as a partial defence to murder.

The killing prompted Father Paul Kelly to launch his explosive campaign to end the gay panic defence, which has gathered more than 180,000 signatures and international condemnation of the Queensland law.

Joyce said today she was devastated that one of her son’s killers, Jason Andrew Pearce, was freed from jail this month after serving just four years.

“This is a terrible loophole in the law that anyone can use to literally get away with murder,” said Joyce in a statement posted on

“Pearce took my son's life and gave me a life sentence - he got four years and now he's free.

“My son was not gay. It just shows that anyone with a smart lawyer can use the defence against anyone.

“There is no condoning an attack on anyone, regardless of their race or religion or the way they live.

“This law is a loophole that simply encourages more crime. It’s time for Campbell Newman to close it.”

Joyce said she was grateful for Father Paul’s campaign and the support it had received.

Father Paul said today that Premier Newman needed to realise the campaign was not going to go away and that it was time for him to declare whether he supports the “gay panic” defence.

"Campbell Newman says he is tough on crime. Now I'd like to see him show that he is by finally removing the "gay panic" defence"

“This is not just a gay rights issue, it is a criminal justice and human rights issue,” said Father Paul.

“There is overwhelming support for the removal of the gay panic defence and it is time Campbell Newman listened to what the community was saying.”

For updates on Father Paul’s petition:


Madonna Cancels a 'never confirmed' Australian Tour

  • Written by Rob Manser
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In an announcement that has Australian fans screaming for heads to roll, the international megastar has cancelled what was rumoured to be her first Australian Tour in over 13 years this morning.

Live Nation Australia confirmed the cancellation this morning, with claiming the cancellation was made hastily by Madonna's management overnight. While the dates were never officially announced, plans for the tour had leaked earlier this year.

This follows Madonna showcasing a swastika in Paris and flashing her breast at a concert in Istanbul. The material girl is also being sued for an alleged uncleared sample that was buried in Vogue more than twenty years ago.

Is it the expensive Aussie market that keeps turning the material girl away?

Clover Moore adds Marriage Campaigner to Independant Ranks for upcoming election

  • Written by Rob Manser
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State MP and Lord Mayor Of Sydney, Clover Moorehas announced her Independents team for the upcoming election which includes Equal Marriage rights campaigner, Alex Greenwich.

Here are the candidate profiles for the City Of Sydney Local Government September 8 election.

Clover Moore

Clover Moore – Independent MP since 1988, Lord Mayor of Sydney since 2004 and a tireless advocate for the city and city communities. She champions beautiful public spaces and community facilities, support for the creative industry and action on climate change. Her Lord Mayoral Salary Trust has donated over $1M to inner city charities.

Claudia Bowman

Claudia Bowman – successful small business owner and co-ordinator of the Kings Cross Parents’ and Carers’ Association, with its weekly Junior Jivers sessions at the Wayside Chapel. Claudia has two children, with a third on the way.

Jenny Green

Jenny Green – Academic Director at the National Judicial College of Australia and lecturer at UTS. Jenny is a Director on the board of Tradewinds a not for profit fair trade organisation. Jenny led a successful community campaign which resulted in legislative reform to deal with backpackers selling vehicles on Victoria Street, Kings Cross.

Alex Greenwich

Alex Greenwich – has led the push for marriage equality in Australia. As the convenor of Australian Marriage Equality Alex has inspired thousands of people to support the cause and built broad public support to end discrimination. He is the managing director of a financial recruitment business in the city and a happily married man.

Robyn Kemmis

Robyn Kemmis – experienced administrator and former Councillor. Robyn studied Economics and worked in publishing and tourism in London. She has held senior management positions in the NSW Public Service and was Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration) at UTS. Robyn is committed to community participation in local government and is very active in the Glebe community.

Robert Kok

Robert Kok – Deputy Lord Mayor of Sydney. He is a practicing lawyer and past president of the Australian Chinese Community Association of NSW, the largest Chinese community association in NSW. Robert is a WWF-Australia Governor, Chair of the City’s Chinese New Year Festival committee. Robert is chair of the City’s Finance Committee overseeing debt free budgets and funding for future projects. Robert has a young family.

John Mant

John Mant – lawyer and planning expert with decades of experience at the highest levels. John has written legislation for state and federal governments including the Local Government Act and was Acting Commissioner at ICAC and a Professor of Planning at UTS. John is president of the Paddington Society.

Nell Schofield

Nell Schofield – writer, broadcaster and documentary maker who was also trained as a Climate Reality Project presenter by Al Gore. Nell starred in Puberty Blues, co-wrote the play Strictly Ballroom and has been an arts & film reporter for the ABC, CNN, Showtime and a host of others. She’s also a surfer and keen bike rider.


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Maryborough priest Father Paul Kelly says Premier hijacked by extreme elements of LNP; thousands more join campaign on

The Queensland priest who led a successful online revolt against the notorious “gay panic” defence has relaunched his campaign, vowing to keep fighting until new Queensland Premier Campbell Newman drops the “archaic and discriminatory” law.

Father Paul Kelly, whose campaign on sparked national media attention, more than 26,000 signatures and the support of English comedian Stephen Fry and fantasy writer Neil Gaiman, relaunched his campaign today following remarks by the Queensland Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie that changes to the gay panic law were unnecessary.

Father Paul said that prior to the election, Campbell Newman referred to the recommendations of the previous government’s expert committee as “certainly worthy of sensible consideration and we will look at it”.

But Father Paul said the Attorney-General appeared to have sidelined the Premier by dismissing the need to implement the recommendations.

“Sadly, it appears that the more extreme elements of the LNP have hijacked the party’s position on reforming this archaic law,” said Father Paul.

“The most uplifting aspect of my campaign was that it united disparate elements of the community - young and old, right and left, gay and straight - in speaking out against a discriminatory, offensive law.

“An expert committee looked at the issue and recommended changes - which were accepted by the previous government - to remove doubts about the use of the gay panic defence.

“The Premier appears to be going against the wishes of the public, with more than 75 per cent of Queenslanders saying in a Courier-Mail poll that the gay panic defence should be struck out.”

Father Paul started the original campaign on after the “gay panic” defence was used in the trial of two men charged with the 2008 murder of a man in Father Paul’s churchyard in Maryborough. After 26,000 signatures and major media coverage, the Labor Government agreed to change the law.

In the last 24 hours, more than 2,000 people have added their names to Father Paul’s petition, taking the tally to 29,000. Father Paul is aiming for 40,000 signatures and he’s pledged to deliver the petition personally to Premier Newman if necessary.

Change. org Campaign Director Karen Skinner said the “gay panic” campaign was the biggest Queensland petition hosted on and one of the largest nationally.

She said the campaign had attracted people from all walks of life and showed the power of the internet to unite people on issues they care about.