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Streets Icecream gets all Brokeback Mountain a decade later

gaytime cowboy ad outdoor
For years, Australia's favourite Icrecream treat has been the Golden Gaytime - with the v obvious omission of the gay community in its marketing - until now - or so it seems.

The folks at Streets icecream have done a rare pairing up of Bubble O'Bill, an icecream with a bubble gum nose - and the Golden Gaytime in a pardoy of Brokeback mountain.

No word from Unilever, the manufacturer of the brands if its was intentional or a sneaky exectution, but the billboard has whipped up a creamy response that Gaytime will FINALLY be a brand that accepts the push for Equality in the land down under... Australia is yet to make Marriage Equality legal - even though its newly promoted Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull - was before taking to power - and openly supportive Equality advocate.