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Labor Conference
The opposition leader is heading up Oxford Street.... marking the first time one of the two "major" political parties leaders is headed for the parade.

This is the first time the federal leader of a major political party has ever marched at Mardi Gras.

"I’m delighted to be attending this year’s Mardi Gras with my wife Chloe, our 3 children, and my Labor Party colleagues to show our support for marriage equality." Mr shorten told

"It is time to make this a reality. If the new Malcolm Turnbull actually did what the old Malcolm Turnbull said we could have marriage equality by Mardi Gras.

Labor does not want to see taxpayer funds going towards funding nasty and negative ‘no’ campaigns against marriage equality.

The time has come for marriage equality, the best way for it to happen is through a free vote in the Parliament.

If Malcolm Turnbull is too gutless to confront the right of his party Labor will introduce a Bill into Parliament within 100 days of being elected to legalise same sex marriages.

If you want marriage equality in Australia, vote Labor at the next election." Bill said. We look forward to seeing him at the parade and amongst the action of the world's biggest nighttime pride celebration.