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Marriage Equality

Presbyterian General Assembly votes to allow Same Sex Marriage

presbyterianThe top legislative body of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) has taken major steps toward recognizing same sex marriage. 

The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church voted Thursday in favor of redefining Christian marriage in the church constitution as the union of "two people" instead of "a man and a woman." 

Over the next year, a majority of the 172 regional Presbyteries must approve the constitutional change for it take effect.

Australia's State of Tasmania Passes Marriage Equality

altThe Lower House of Tasmania's State Parliament has passed it's Marriage Equality Bill in a vote of 13 - 11.

Head of Australian Marriage Equality, Alex Greenwich tweeted just moments ago - "#marriageequality has passed Tasmania's lower house, history has been made #tas4me"

Rodney Croome, pictured, talking to press after the historic vote, has been at the forefront of both the state and federal push for marriage equality.

This story will be updated with more news as it comes to hand.

Marriage Equality USA Election Results looking overly positive

altSome fast facts thanks to our good friend Thomas Roberts at MSNBC.


"Marriage Equality Supporters be proud. Looking stong @TheFour2012: ALL FOUR for #marriageequality! MD: 79% counted, 51% YES ME: 36% counted, 52% YES MN: 34% counted, 54% REJECT WA: 49.5% counted, 52% YES"


New Zealand Gay Marriage Bill Passes Reading

The first reading of the New Zealand bill to enable equality for its homosexual citizens passed in a massive majority during its first reading just an hour ago.

The strong majority of 80 votes t o40 means it will almost certainly get safely through its remaining stages and become law.

The first reading debate was dominated by MPs supporting the bill. Of to 10 who spoke, only three opposed it, those putting forward arguments relating to the opposition of some Churches and the 'Marriage between a man and woman' statement.

NZ Labour's Louisa Wall (pictured), who drafted the bill, was congratulated by her colleagues after the vote and the packed public gallery erupted into applause. In scenes not seen since New York State passed marriage equality over a year ago.