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Today, Australian conservative Senator - Eric Abetz caused a stir, stating that no matter the outcome of the proposed public vote of the Australian people he and other members of the Liberal Nationals will not vote in the positive should the people vote in favour of Marriage Equality.

The PM has been in favour of Marriage Equality, yet has been held to ransom on this and other key issues issues by the right wing of his own party.

We caught up with his closest competitior for his seat of Wentworth in Eastern Sydney - which has a large LGBTQI population - Greens Candidate, Dejay Toborek.

With the declaration from Liberal Senator Eric Abetz today that regardless of a plebiscite’s result, MP’s will vote against amending the Marriage Act to allow any two people to marry, regardless of gender, Dejay Toborek the Australian Greens candidate for Wentworth says this proves that the policy was always a folly and designed to have an escape clause.

“Tony Abbott’s wasteful and divisive pubic poll, which the Liberal Party bound Turnbull to when he knifed their leader, has come undone at the seams as the conservatives continue their internal factional war,” he said.

“Simply put, if the Liberal Party will not in good faith accept the poll results, then Turnbull can consider the policy position he is bound to as null and void.”

“Turnbull can now rightly ask his Liberal colleague, Warren Entsch to introduce his Marriage Equality Bill to Parliament in the next sitting and go down in history as the Prime Minister that delivered this reform.”

Calling out for action now, Mr Toborek said that, “Turnbull has a unique window to move on this issue now in the next sitting of Parliament and if he does not take the opportunity, the Greens will introduce our Bill and expose the hypocrisy of his position as an advocate for reform.”

“Polling shows that 72 percent of the public support marriage equality, yet it beggars belief that any politician should act against or needlessly delay such a positive and inclusive social reform,” he said.
“All of Australia is watching the Liberal Leader to see if he has the integrity to actually deliver marriage equality, or if he indeed is just full of platitudes and lacking substance. What Australia and the people of Wentworth are wondering is: Is Turnbull a leader, or a lemon?”