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Australia’s prime minister has made his personal opinions on same-sex marriage very clear when he shut down a call to action by proponents like MP Warren Entsch to allow parliament to vote on a gay and lesbian marriage.

The conservative government (Liberal and National Co-alition) reportedly voted 66:33 in the closed party room meeting to maintin its block vote in the negative. With the Prime Minister allegedly threatening any frontbenchers with demotion should they cross the floor if the issue came to a vote.

Tony Abbott, who has said in the past that he doesn’t agree with same-sex marriage, said that he would rather allow the issue to be decided upon by a national vote. If this is the case, Australia will become only the second country after Ireland to hold a national referendum on same-sex marriage.

Speaking of the closed-door meeting, Abbott told reporters:  “The last thing you should do is dud the people who voted for you… If you support the existing definition of marriage between a man and a woman, the coalition is absolutely on your side.” But if you would like to see change at some time in the future, the coalition is prepared to make that potentially possible.”

Australia's main organisation fighting for Marriage Equality, AME is not stopping the push for reform "Last night the PM kicked the ‪#‎MarriageEquality‬ can down the road again saying there may be a ‪#‎FreeVote‬ in the next term of parliament but indicated, before any vote, he may start the process for a plebiscite.

This debate has taken too long and shouldn't take further years.

No plebiscite should be owned by the government, nor should the issue remain at the whim of the PM.

If a plebiscite is coming, it needs to happen sooner, not later. It needs to inform the next government, whichever party that may be.

We've already started drafting the legislation for a plebiscite to be held at the next election. It will show what every other poll has in the last seven years.

Australians want reform and, together, #‎WeCanDoThis‬" they said.