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A new Reuters/Ipsos poll shows strong support for a number of LGBT issues:

• 52% of Americans support same-sex marriage versus 32% who oppose.

• 54% say it's wrong for businesses to refuse services to LGBTs versus 28% who say businesses should have a "license to discriminate."

• 55% say businesses shouldn't be able to refuse to hire certain people or members of certain groups (like LGBT folk), while 27% say businesses should be able to discriminate in terms of employment based on religious beliefs.

• 55% support all states recognizing same-sex marriages - even in the states that don't permit such unions.

• When it comes to how we get to marriage equality nationwide, 34% feel the U.S. Supreme Court should decide; 22% feel the rights should be decided at state level via voter referendum; 11% say state lawmakers should lead the way; and only 8% feel Congress should handle the issue.

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