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A bill, HB 3022 , filed in the South Carolina legislature would prevent state judges from recognizing or upholding marriage rights for same-sex couples, and stipulates that judges who do not dismiss cases regarding these rights will be automatically removed from the case and not be paid. “This is a brazen political attack on the independence of the judicial branch, of the ‘end run’ variety. Judges can’t do their jobs when legislators threaten their livelihood for ruling on properly-presented legal cases. The legislative branch needs to respect the unique role of courts in protecting everyone’s rights, regardless of whether it’s politically popular or expedient to do so, ” Justice at Stake‘s Director of State Affairs Debra Erenberg said in a statement:

The bill at issue states, “No state or local taxpayer funds or governmental salaries may be paid for an activity that includes the licensing or support of same-sex marriage.” It also declares, “No state or local governmental employee officially shall recognize, grant, or enforce a same-sex marriage license.” A portion of the bill pertaining specifically to judges states, “If a judicial officer violates this section, that judicial officer is disqualified from office pursuant to Section 19, Article V of the South Carolina Constitution, 1895.”