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Sydney, Australia saw a massive political protest from what politicians called "real Australians" today as 10,000+ marched from Hyde Park, through Pitt Street Mall and through city streets, snaking its way to the Darling Harbour Convention Centre where the ALP Conference is being held.

Although the party, which currently holds office, successfully amended its platform to support equal marriage rights for ALL Australians, it bowed to pressure from the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard and the right faction of the party to have a conscience vote in Parliament. As the opposition is currently voting as a block NO on the issue, the legislation to take out the discrimination in the law would fail.

The crowds chanted "JOOOOOLIAAAA" and "shame Julia Shame" outside the conference, before key speakers, including Labor politicians and power brokers who made the platform change happen.

Doug Cameron called for "real Australians to take action and make sure that the Liberals also allow a conscience vote on the issue" he also called for all citizens to contact their federal MPs not matter what side of politics they were on, to voice their support for Equal Marriage Rights.

You can see photos from today's march and rally in our photo galleries.