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Logging In

Use your existing website login details to login to the app.

If you don't have a free account on, you can set one up via the app - however, you will need to check your email account to validate your membership - just like on the website.

Facebook login - if you signed up via Facebook - you can easily login again and agina just by hitting the blue Facebook button on the login screen.


Some videos on may not play on the iPhone - this is due to Apple's own restrictions on video types. However, always tries to have videos uploaded in the most applicable format. If your desperate to see any video from the app that you cannot play - its definitely available on the website.


TO ADD A VIDEO FROM YOUR APP:  tap the profile icon, and then gallery, then the "+" icon.  Videos can only be added via your profile icon. You can choose to record a video, or choose an existing one from your devices gallery.



You can create photo albums for your different events in your life via the app. Just make sure you dont upload any porn/adult pics... cos its not allowed.

You can even upload piccies when your out and about! Just tap the "profile" icon and tap gallery there.... its the same as videos, we have popped all those functions in your profile button so its easy to use!


to see other peoples photos and videos, just tap the photo or video icon on the homescreen - you cant add videos or pics from there, but its a great way to see your friends and other users content (author permissions permitting!)


Maps and Locations

Your locations, checkins and other mappable features, like those on all other social networking sites - are only available to you and your approved friends. Please allow the app to "use your current location" - so it can work properly - this function does not store your location at all, it just allows your maps to function correctly.


From time to time, we will update the app with new features and improvements to old ones… so make sure you upgrade your app at any opportunity via your app store.

Reviews and Listings (City guides & Expert Services)

you can find the best venues, hotels, travel providers, and everything in between - from entertainers, to electricians... photographers to publicists... you can use the handy icons on the homescreen, or if you want to see whats around you, just tap the "nearby" icon on the homescreen.

If you are a business owner, and want to include a listing, at present you will have to do this via our website.



Listings not loading? Try logging out and back in to your app - and refreshing via the top right button on your app.


Different Phones may mean different functions

some versions of our app, like iPhone, Blackberry and Android, are all separate builds and features and functions may vary from platform to platform. Blackberry users, due to the limitations of your phones platform - we can only offer you the social networking side of our app.


The version currently available on the iTunes App Store is compatible for iOS 4+. on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Check the app store for Android and Blackberry for device compatibility.


You can view and interact with groups that you have joined via the website, join groups, set up your own groups. Its a social community after all.


Push Notifications

Our V2.0 (and above) app uses push notifications.

When you install the app - please allow push notifications.

They advise you when someone has sent you a message or if your close friend is online - you can adjust your push settings within your app's SETTINGS screen.



We have alot more features and functions under the "..." button on the bottom panel. Tap more to find polls, members offers, free stuff and so much more.


This FAQ Guide is a work in progress, check back here often for updates, how to guides and more. Have fun playing with the app - and don't forget to try it out when your out at events, restaurants etc!