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The advertiser refers to the person(s), company or entity booking and paying for the listing on this website and mobile platform.

The publisher refers to (AKA ENTERTAINMENT)

1. All premium listings must be paid in advance before being approved on the website.

2. All bookings are done so on a subscription basis. Should you wish to cancel your subscription, you must do so prior to the recurring payment period. This is done via your payment method (If you paid via paypal, you must go into your paypal account and manually cancel your subscription payment there). No refunds will be given for listings that are not canceled this way.

3. All information provided by the advertiser are at their own responsibility. any illegal content or content that does not reach the standards of the site general terms and conditions of use will be removed, or the listing canceled at the discretion of the publisher without any refund or compensation.

4. Any included URL links must not include hidden code, phishing or links to scams or other objectional content.

5. The publisher will make effort to contact the advertiser to rectify any issues should they arise. Should the advertiser be uncontactable by the details provided and an issue cannot be resolved. the listing may be removed at the publishers discretion with our compensation or refund.

6. Listings do not include any form of reporting. You must include your own tracking or other reporting methods within your listing content - making sure that any code fits our listing criteria.

7. Pictures must not include any pornographic imagery.

8. The advertiser releases the publisher from any action whatsoever relating to their booking and listing and the content therein, from any party, action, or issue.

9. Any legal issues will be dealt with under the law of New South Wales, Australia.

10. Taking a listing on this service means you have read, understood and agreed to all these terms and conditions.