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fancy yourself a chef or a top notch cook at the least?

Want to share your recipe's for the hottest meals and drinks? has just launched it recipe section on the site… continuing our ethic of 'not just the scene'!

We want you to contribute your outstanding recipes, and especially if you have any must try's for those in our community that suffer from allergies, intolerances and such - we want all types of stuff - from the very very healthy to the totally indulgent. We want to showcase you to the world...

As a reward, any published recipe will earn the author a whopping 200 points on your profile!

Just check out the section, send us your recipe -  VIA THE FORM BELOW… let us know if you want your username OR your real name used as the author credit.

You must also let us know that you own the copyright of the recipe, and have not nicked it from somewhere else… if your recipe is based on someone else's creation - please provide us a source, so no one gets in trouble :)

Look forward to sharing your tasty treats with the world!

Bon a petite!