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What's the difference between City Guides and Expert Services Directory?

Our City guides are for tourism based products and services and shopping - that would like users to rate and review them, bulking up their appeal to the GLBTI market. City Guide categories offer up different types of information fields for different types of listings, allowing users to search based on features and other information.

Expert services does NOT allow for user reviews and ratings but a comprehensive owner generated listing and contact system to sell your business, product or service.

Mobile App Integration

You don't need to do anything. All listings in either our city guides or Expert Services Directory will appear on our incredibly popular mobile app. Users can find you via GPS by selecting the "nearby" feature on the app, or searching through the listings by category.


Our mobile app and website have an incredible map function so people can not only find your business, but get live gps directions between their current location and your location. Make sure you include the address on your listing that you want publicly visible.

If your business does not operate with a publicly visible address, we advise to include a generic location in the area that you service, so people can find you on our "nearby" function on our mobile app. This shows people in specific areas whats around them - its a great function - so if your in New York City and don't want a specific address, just add "new York City" - you will come up in nearby feature.

If you change your address at anytime - make sure you use the "map it" feature to make sure the Latitude and Longitude data is correct for your listing so your maps location works properly.


Our City Guides and Listings allow users to contact you for bookings, more information etc. Your email address is hidden from public view, and people will use a "make inquiry" button to send you an email.
The email will be sent to the email address you registered with on - if you want to receive emails at a specific email, make sure your email address in your general profile is the one you want to be contacted on. You can change this email address in the profile settings anytime.

Updates / Editing Your Listing

Unlike other directories, you can update and change information on your listing at ANY TIME you like (during your listing period). IF your traveling - change your location to get business in other areas… or update images, contact info.

Just Login to the site and a manage button will appear on all listings you own. Just select the option you want and edit as many times as you like.

Please note: Edited listings are moderated to make sure any changes are in line with listing terms and conditions.

How do I apply a coupon code?

A valid coupon code can be entered at checkout. Just select a payment method that suits you, or is available for your plan type and the coupon code box will appear in the next step. Coupon codes are case sensitive.


For those users who wish to pay in their local currency, you must select the PAYPAL option.

For those who are choosing a RECURRING payment - this is only payable via Paypal.

Offline payments (Direct Deposit) are only available in Australian Dollars and are valid only for Lifetime or NON recurring (one time) payments.

Don't want to set it up online? We can help!

Just download our PDF booking form  (right click and save target as)  and send it back to us - we will do the rest! Our PDF is even interactive, so you can save it to your desktop and fill it in!