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Looking - the movie and what comes next

Cast member Frankie Alvarez ("Agustin") spoke to Vulture about the end (darn it!) of the HBO series LOOKING and what comes next.

On the series cancellation: "You know, it was sad. We all got together, we had dinner. We kind of poured liquor out for our gay homies. It was a bummer." 

On the upcoming finale movie: "It's a feature-length film that doesn’t adhere to an episodic structure," said Alvarez. "So I think a lot of fans who wanted a longer episode are going to get one long, two-hour episode. I think that will be a blessing in a lot of ways. We’ll get to close it out the way everyone wants to close it out, and then, hopefully, we’ll continue to be friends supporting each other in future projects." 

Although no story details about the movie have been released, Alvarez he says the creative team is looking at a September shoot so, "the writers have the whole summer to really make it the best possible thing."
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