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Predatory Daters

Do you know someone that comes in, sweeps you off your feet, promises you the world, then abruptly once that has sat for 2.4 seconds, they rack off and do it all again with someone else?

Are you the victim of a predatory dater?

Seriously - i have been witness to a few folks who treat people like this - now don't get me wrong, its not that i just witnessed one bad thing happen to a friend and am having a bitch about it -- this seems to be the trend for not only this particular person, but many others in the community, and for me something i have witnessed over many years.

Whats makes someone want to promise a dream life with a "lovely" person and then have it all stamped upon as sport?

Is it that the person doing the stomping is only addicted to being the knight in shining armour for that special someone and once the horse ride is over, they kick you into the manure?

I have over the past 5 years or so, been witness to one very such malicious being, a girl no less, who sweeps other girls off their feet - changes there entire worlds (even ruining other partnerships, relationship or marriages), then leaves them in her dust whilst she traipses off to find another "true love" - yes i said it "True love"… because you just have to see the Facebook status of this particular person to see that its all love love love, but remarkably the other name just keeps on changing.

Same shit, different victim.

Are you a love bully?
Are you a tortured soul in need of help?
Are you just an ass?

The problem is dear lady, is that you ARE a nice person - you just have shithouse habits and an obvious lack of self esteem. My one comment to you is: Leave others alone until you sort yourself out! As RuPaul says… "If you can't love yourself, how the fuck you gunna love somebody else"

If you know anyone like this or see it happening - you know what- do the right things and call the Predatory dater out on their bullshit. Too many hearts are being broken, and thats all our community needs, is more heartache.

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