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RuPaul - Born Naked

RuPaul-Born-Naked-LPIn an effort to prevent online piracy of her new album ‘Born Naked’, RuPaul has flooded peer-to-peer networks with bogus downloads.

On the false MP3s, Ru can be heard saying, “Guuurl, you done stole my album! Uh uh, no you betta don’t hooker. You better get your tail on over to iTunes baby. Chile, we up in here tryin’ to make a living on this, shoot!”

The stunt borrows from Madonna, who famously combated the early days of peer-to-peer piracy by flooding Limewire & KaZaA with fake downloads of her ‘American Life’ album - which were actually just MP3s of her saying “What the f**k do you think you’re doing?”

Never one to miss an opportunity, Ru takes it one step further by giving a small preview of each track, followed by the back story of the song. While delivering anecdotes & one-liners like only she can, each muffled track plays softly in the background. At one point, she jokes that it’s like hosting her own home shopping network. Genius!
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We can gladly confirm that the album is well worth purchasing, with a hot mix of electro dance & booty bouncing beats. ‘Born Naked’ features appearances from Martha Wash, Frankmusik, Britney Spears collaborator Myah Marie, the Queen of Bounce Big Freedia, ‘Drag Race’ judge Michelle Visage (formerly of the girl group, Seduction) & Australian vocalist, Clairy Browne. Equally as campy as they are catchy, the tracks are full of empowering lyrics, life affirming messages, & sassy one-liners like “My pussy is on fire, now kiss the flame.” 
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Take a look at the first video, ‘Geronimo’ – which features the twerking talents of Julian Serrano. This track could easily be a platinum hit for Nicki Minaj & is destined for the dancefloor.

‘Born Naked’ was an instant smash, hitting #1 on the iTunes Dance chart & Top 20 overall. In honour of its release & the season 6 premiere of ‘Drag Race’ (both masterfully timed for the same day), RuPaul was invited to ring the NASDAQ bell. He has also been making the promo rounds, including this adorable appearance on the Arsenio Hall Show.

Tina Arena - Don't Hide (remixes)

DontHideCoverOn her new single ‘Don’t Hide’, Tina Arena sings of the loneliness you may feel in this crazy world, before concluding that ultimately it's up to you to take what you want from life.

“Don’t hide, just fly.”

Fitting lyrics for the song that has been selected as this year’s official Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras anthem. Tina co-wrote the track with Arnthor Birgisson (who also produced the original version on her platinum album, ‘Reset’). Birgisson is one of Sweden’s premier musical talents, whose million-sellers include J-Lo’s ‘Play’, ‘Gotta Tell You’ by Samantha Mumba, Janet Jackson’s ‘All Nite (Don’t Stop)’ & ‘Because Of You’ for 98 Degrees. Having produced tracks for Celine Dion & Leona Lewis, he knows how to create music for a BIG voice - and Tina let’s rip on this one!

Just in time for its Mardi Gras tie-in, ‘Don’t Hide’ has been given a pulsing dancefloor remix by 7th Heaven. The UK production duo have a track record of remixing our favourite divas - Whitney, Kylie, P!nk, & Cher. The track is a return to the dancefloor for an artist who some may be surprised to find has a history with dance music.


Tina collaborated with Tony Moran on a string of remixes in the 90’s, set French dancefloors on fire with the single ‘7 Vies’, & took the Metro remix of ‘Symphony Of Life’ into the ARIA Top 10. Her biggest dancefloor triumph came when she collaborated with NYC DJ Ray Roc on ‘Never (Past Tense)’ which hit #1 on the US Billboard Dance chart. The song was remixed by Tiesto & featured heavily on the US ‘Queer As Folk’ series & soundtrack release.

Arena also has a long history with Mardi Gras (pre-dating even the Minogue sisters!) “I’ve performed at Mardi Gras three times before. It’s so exciting! It’s going to be epic.” Tina teased that she will put her ‘Dancing With The Stars’ training to good use in her RHI production show: “I’ve had one or two dancing lessons to get into the spirit of things!”

The ‘Don’t Hide’ remix package is available both in Australia & worldwide on iTunes. Are you ready to hit the dancefloor?  


Marcia Hines - Amazing

Marcia-Hines-Amazing-guidetogayOne of our all time favourite vocalists, Marcia Hines is back with a new single (and album) with the single to drop just in time for the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras season.


The single - titled "Amazing" is the first original material for Marcia since 1999 - can you believe it?


We think there may even be a little bit of Mardi Gras Party activity happening with headlining Mardi Gras DJ, Dan Murphy being one of the remixers of the single... start praying now.


Other remixes include Marcia Hines vs DiamondLife Remix, Marcia Hines vs Vaangard Remix and the Peachy and Murphy Radio Edit.


The album - also titled amazing - will drop in April. But you can hear the radio version of the single now on



Fans backlash over RuPaul’s Season 6 contestant covers album


RuPaul-Presents-The-CoverGurlzIt was a fabulous idea - grab the season six contestants and re-record RuPaul’s iconic and fierce tracks so you got to meet the girls (and really, nearly every queen releases a song after the show anyway!)


BUT the fans are up in arms over the quality of the album, which is on pre order via iTunes and international territories massive price difference compared to the US version.


In typical iTunes fashion - folks in the USA can order the album for $9.99 - but in Australia for example, the album is a whopping $16.99.


The other major issue dogging this release is the outcry over the production standards.


Truly this album sounds like a rough karaoke offering - with a triple dose of auto tune - even on the queens who may not need it.


Was this intentional? To make the new versions way worse on purpose?


Either way - fans are screaming on social media about it.


River Perez on Facebook said “I wanted to like this...but these tracks are tragically bad. Even the girls with great voices sound terrible/over edited.”


Shea Shea McDonough tapped out a shady “Were these recorded on an iPhone app?”


and Adam Atkinson said “Is this the week they're all eliminated? Yikes. #shadenfreude”


and it goes on.


We agree - the production on this particular offering is terrible to say the least. and we had such high hopes with season 6 - after seeing that fabulous trailer.


RuPaul presents The Covergurlz, a cover album featuring all the Season 6 queens performing some of Ru’s greatest hits, drops on January 28 - check out the teaser below.


Tracks include Bianca Del Rio‘s take on “Clik Clak (Make that Money),” Courtney Act‘s version of “Champion”  ”Cover Girl” from Trinity K. BonetAmerican Idol contender Adore Delano doing “Superstar” and Darienne Lake‘s frothy take on “Lick it Lollipop,” Ru’s duet with Drag U dean Lady Bunny. ”Putting this album together has been a real master blaster!” quips Ru. “Turn it up, and let ‘em scandalize!”


Ru said it! Scandal indeed!




Kelly Clarkson - Underneath The Tree (Cutmore remix)

Underneath-the-Tree-Kelly-clarkson-300x300 Kelly Clarkson offered up an album's worth of Christmas cheer with the fabulous, 'Wrapped In Red'.

She co-wrote the lead single 'Underneath The Tree' with Greg Kurstin - who wrote & produced 'Wow' for Kylie, 'Blow Me (One Last Kiss) for P!nk, Sia's 'We Are Born' album, & Kelly's previous smash hit, 'Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)'.

Now 'Underneath The Tree' has been given the remix treatment by the always impressive Cutmore.

The results are CAMP to say the least!

We think it's a modern day Christmas classic. Check it out below.

Ja'mie King - Learning To Be Me (Single)

2446033 20131114200658 83106913Ja’mie King releases her first ever single!
Australia’s favourite bitchy schoolgirl, Ja’mie King, has taken time out of her busy school schedule to head into the studio to record her debut single - Learning To Be Me. The ballad features in her hugely popular TV series Ja'mie: Private School Girl, and was first performed by King as part of her end-of-year school recital. The heart-warming lyrics to Learning To Be Me reflect on King’s eventful time at Hillford Girls Grammar and all of the things that she has learned about life and being a young woman while at school. Ja'mie: Private School Girl chronicles the final few months of school for 17-year-old Ja'mie King, her classmates and family, as they're impacted by a series of events that will change Ja'mie's life forever.The single is available from today on iTunes, Google Play and all good digital music services.
Ja’mie: Private School Girl airs every Wednesday at 9pm on ABC1.
Listen to the single in full below.


About Chris Lilley
Chris Lilley received international acclaim for his portrayal of five nominees in the ABC comedy We Can Be Heroes: Finding the Australian of the Year. Creating and writing the series, Chris won the international Rose d'Or Award for Best Male Comedy Performance as well as Logie Awards for Most Outstanding New Talent and Best Comedy Series and the NSW Premier’s Literary Award for Best Script Writing. The series also received nominations for four AFI awards, including Best Comedy Series, Best Screenplay for Television and Best Lead Male Actor.
Chris's series Summer Heights High was one of the highest-rated series of 2007 and became the biggest-selling TV series of all time in Australia. Chris was awarded AFI Awards for Best Comedy Series, Best Performance in a Television Comedy and the Byron Kennedy Award for Summer Heights High.
Chris began his career as a stand-up comedian and voiceover artist, graduated to television and gained a cult following for his characters Extreme Darren and Mr. G in the sketch comedy series Big Bite and Hamish and Andy on the Seven Network. Chris is also a musician and wrote much of the music for his three series. He released the single Naughty Girl, which became one of the highest-selling Top Ten singles of 2008.



Boy George Shares Entire Album stream


Boy George, in an interview with the Huffington Post on performers being judged on their perceived sexuality as opposed to their talent:

“I prefer to live in a world where you are judged on talent and sexuality is completely secondary,” he revealed. “There have been many successful openly gay artists — George Michael, Neil Tenant, Marc Almond — but the bravest was always Jimmy Somerville. I’m doubtful if we will ever live in a world where sexuality won’t be an issue for at least a small minority. Homophobia and racism are part of the human condition.”

Boy George released his new album "This Is What I Do" in it's entirety as a streaming audio post on YouTube today. 

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