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Miss Coco Peru drops Pride single

  • Published in Music
peru03She is the world famous drag star known for her killer performance in Jim Fall's iconic gay cinema offering "Trick" (we LOVE that movie) and now, the cheeky Mistress of the 'Bob' is launching her own musical offering celebrating "PRIDE"...

Show Me Your Pride is a dance anthem that showcases another side to the performer.

From the song:

"There was a time when even I lived in the shadows. 

But those queens who came before me called out from the past, and our rich history was revealed to me. 

They taught me that we create the life we want to live. 

A life lived free of shame. 

A life lived loud, proud and just a little bit ridiculous."

This is the first music video Miss Coco Peru has released of an original song and we expect that it will be blaring out of speakers at Pride celebrations all around the world this month.

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