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Andrew Christian Goes Enhanced

  • Written by Rob Manser
  • Category: Fashion

Andrew Christian underwear was a buzz brand that had a friend of mine chatting whilst we were out perusing the department stores a while ago, and  after the big sale from our friend, i really wanted to see if the hype and buzz was worth it "Oh their fabulous" he said… "you just have to get a pair" -- ok, so off to Andrew Christian's website is go.

A very little bit later, three pairs of the most interesting and fabulous underwear have landed on my desk… the more interesting thing is that they are all garments that "enhance" you in some way or another.

There is the SHOCK JOCK EXTREME - this one is the mother load of package enhancers… its kind of like shoulder pads for your knob. But if your lacking a bit, don't show, its really cold, or if you just want that "well rounded look", then why not? The undies themselves are so brilliantly manufactured and totally comfy - i would love to wear these even without the smooth sexy padding!

Then the next offering was a pair called "Show It" - and yes, it does exactly what it says it does. Pop your package in the built in little housing area, and it defines and lifts your meat and veg to its upmost enhancement. A clever idea and all done without giving away a thing, its cleverly designed into a trunk brief and the stitching, cut and waist band make it a totally comfortable ride - love this one to bits!

Now the kids at AC havnt forgotten about your rear either… they showcased us with a top little ditty. One for all you boys who love the jock strap vibe, but hate the bare ass element… its a bubble butt creator called "Almost Naked" with "flashback" technology… lightweight material, great stitching as with all the AC gear, and very very comfortable...

All in all these three "enhancement" offerings from Andrew Christian underwear are totally fabulous, not shoddy like so many other underwear brands and look as good as they feel. You will love them all.

iphone gloves

  • Written by Rob Manser
  • Category: Fashion

If you feel self-conscious pulling out a sausage to tap a text to a friend while you're wearing gloves outside a movie theater, say – and who wouldn't be? – MacWorld has come to the rescue with iTouch Gloves and Telefingers, specially treated gloves that allow you to use your iPhone's many features as easily as if you were bare-fingered. Yes, it's just another bit of technological magic. Which you should be used to by now. Now get used to this: The leather iTouch Gloves are $100, but Telefingers, not nearly as chic, are only $15. Now available on good geeky websites out of the USA.

Hellsong T's

  • Written by Fashionista!
  • Category: Fashion

Naughty but fun, this creation by aussie designer petevstoby take on the singing church, Hillsong, with their adaptation of the logo to - well - a more summery theme. lol It reminds me of the winning parade entry from last years Mardi Gras parade... originality or rip off?

Invisible Shoes?

  • Written by Fashionista!
  • Category: Fashion

São Paolo designer Andreia Chavez has made this marvelous pair of invisible shoes – "mirror-covered shoes that, by reflecting the ground around them, look like you're seeing through them to the ground behind." They are just so beyond fabulous, that we dare an Aussie drag queen to try a whole outfit like this...

A New Super Garment For Men? Meet Equmen

  • Written by Fashionista!
  • Category: Fashion
There have been whispers of a new super garment for the boys, that would rival the wonderbra - first there were those hideous "jock stuffers" from Aussiebum, that funnily enough for me ruined the brand - everytime I saw the waistband on a guy post that release I always thought "your wearing Aussiebum, you need a lift!" so when a new range of clothes were released to help "enhance" the male body, I was a little wary.

Equmen has released a range of singlets, undershirts and t's that promises to improve posture, support core muscles, control body temp and streamline you! Is this a girdle? Is this a dud? Does it do anything apart from play on our vanity?

Well, me, the eternal cynic decided to take the Core Precision Undershirt (singlet style) out for a spin in one of the most demanding circumstances! A crowded gay nightclub!

Instantly i knew that the shirt was something interesting. For a large-ish lad, i do have love handles and "muscle disguised as fat", so it was going to be an interesting ask for the garment to perform its claims.

Putting the singlet on, I instantly felt comfortable, yet correct, a weird description, but it does indeed make your posture better, the garment is ribbed and sewn in ways that pulls your shoulders back, gets you into natural and good positions and does not feel like your turning into a drag queen being corseted up to the nines or worse yet, wearing a male girdle!

We headed out, with the singlet under a normal t-shirt, and got to the club, the most amazing thing I noticed is that I normally crack a sweat like a bastard at the first sign of warmth (or the half hour walk to oxford street up hill). and i was freakishly normal... tick that big box!

Now, the one thing that this garment does not do is push you into a preformed super body shape... its not a corset, and its not a jello mold. What it is, is a perfect must have garment that assists you in your work towards your goals... I consider it to be a great part of my lifestyle regime now. Its slick style, basic appearance (lack of gigantic brand names on the garment ARE a real plus...) and its sporty vibe make you feel good, look smart and "technologically" assist you as you go clubbing, wear it day to day or more... the thing i most like about the garment is that whilst it is known as the "wondershirt" or "Spanks" for men... its not a fatties cloaking device... its really a great piece of equipment that helps your core, posture and image - without you having to really do anything!.


EQUMEN Core Precision Undershirts are available in a singlet, short and long sleeve t-shirt style - and is an Aussie invention - gotta love that!
RRP: $AUD 99-139