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With the final sunset of Summer now behind us, it’s time to pull out one of the funkiest fashions for the cooler months; the Ugg boot. Originally Australia’s guilty pleasure, Ugg boots have since been embraced by the world as… ahem, fashion forward! While Uggs initially took off amongst female celebs, stylish blokes like Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio & David Beckham are regularly spotted out & about sporting their sheepskin. However, when it comes to Uggs, there is a big difference between looking trendy or looking like you shouldn’t have left the house. Just because you see Justin Timberlake wearing Uggs in a tabloid doesn’t mean you can wear your daggy slippers down the street.

So when it comes to selecting the ultimate Uggs, there are a few factors to consider. Obviously comfort & warmth are major concerns, but now that Uggs are not just acceptable, but an enviable part of a Winter ensemble, there are several new points to consider.

In order to coordinate with your outfit, colour, texture & design are key. One brand very obviously leading the way is EMU Boots. With a range covering both men & women, & in a variety of lengths, their boots are funky & fierce. Probably the most masculine of their designs is the Outback Lo style, in Chocolate. Made from the finest Australian sheepskin, they are classic & work with a multitude of looks – tucked into jeans, teamed with cargo shorts, or thrown on with gym pants. Rather than cheaper synthetic material, the benefit of Sheepskin boots is that they naturally “wick” away moisture, meaning odorless footwear!

Durability is a worthwhile consideration, as Uggs now need to brave the outdoor elements. This particular boot boasts double stitched seams & arch support for solid strength & fit. These soles are outdoor all-terrain rubber, so they can easily withstand a day of pounding the pavement.

A genuine Aussie brand, Emu boots have been embraced by Hollywood with Kitson LA & Fred Segal among US stockists. Emu boots are constantly seen being worn by the likes of Tori Spelling, the cast of Gossip Girl, Katie Holmes, Cameron Diaz & Kate Hudson. To seal the deal, Emu Boots received the official gay endorsement when Dannii Minogue twittered about how fabulous they were!