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What Makes A Bear A Bear?

Being on the "huskier" side of the male body, I have often wondered what really makes a Bear, a Bear? I like many others see some hefty set, overweight lads stringing on a bit of leather and smelling up the parade route or party path; and have cringed at the thought of "oh, lord - am I one of them?"…
Is it internalised bigotry - loving a bit of deodorant, a masculine man and a bit of shape and size…?

Personally, I am nowhere near a biggest loser contestant; but I'm not a twinky lightweight either -

Nor am I a gym bunny, or a podgy art student, with more piercings than sense and an equal lack of interest in soap!

So really: what makes a Bear, a "Bear"? Or an "Otter" for that fact? What makes up a stereotype?

What makes me, or others want to join a particular faction within the GBLTI community?

I for one have a bit of hair all around - to be honest, the amount I have to clipper off my back far outweighs the amount on my chest, and that really does piss me off…!

I do like the dens of the Bears brotherhood - but from experience, cannot handle the smell of those "brothers" who don't like a shower…

Do I bother to reach out to the existing "bear" community… lord knows I love a good hug 'n' cuddle … I love a masculine bod, and a bit of hair is not totally repellent… but do the extremes turn me off enough to not want to?

Please, Bears of the world - reach out and explain the situation to this poor old soul! Should I just give up - go to the gym more, clipper the shizz out of my nads and become a gym bunny - or am I truly a Bear in disguise and need to drop the soap?

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