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The Rainbow Dream keeps building for Sydney

The emerald cities push to have a permanent street crossing may have gone up in smoke thanks to the conservative state government, but the state opposition, federal member for Sydney and city council are not standing still.


Like the crossing had a sister in Los Angeles, a new concept taken from our brothers and sisters in San Fransisco, and brought forward by community advocate, Damon Hartley, has ignited a great passion across the community - for the installation of a giant rainbow flag at the Taylor Square intersection.


This morning, Federal member for Sydney and Health Minister, Tanya Plibersek, Sydney council member Linda Scott, and NSW State Labor (and opposition) leader, John Robertson launched the campaign for a rainbow flag of Sydney's own.


The motion will be put forward to Council on Monday night, where the #DIYRainbow movement will stage a "chalk in" in george street to publicly support the motion for a rainbow flag whilst reminding the public about the loss of the iconic Rainbow street crossing that was installed as a trial over Mardi Gras 2013.


If you want to join in - turn up to the Sydney Town Hall, George Street, 6pm.


You can join the Rainbow Flag movement on Facebook too.




Australia's Parliament to vote on Marriage Equality on June 6

Greens Deputy Leader Adam Bandt and Senator Sarah Hanson-Young have announced a date for a vote on Mr Bandt's Marriage Equality Amendment Bill in the House of Representatives.
Mr Bandt will seek to bring on a vote on the Bill on Thursday, June 6 to make same-sex marriage lawful in Australia.
“Following successful votes in the New Zealand, UK and France this vote will ensure every MP’s position is clear before the election,” Mr Bandt said.
“Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard will have an opportunity to get behind the tide of history.”
“Mr Abbott needs to listen to the members of his own party, as well as the Australian people, who are calling out for a conscience vote on marriage equality,” Sarah Hanson-Young said.
“The Greens have a second Bill in the Senate that would see international same-sex marriages recognised in Australia.”
“Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott need to recognise that the time for equality has arrived.”


Queer Film Festival hits Newcastle in support of IDAHO

It's the port city, the neighbour to the north of Sydney - but Newcastle is getting gayer than christmas with a swath of cool events, festivals and initiatives - and the cherry on the top of the gay crown is the upcoming shOUT Film Festival.


After the festival’s successful maiden year in 2012, Tower Cinemas Newcastle will once again house the shOUT Film Festival which boasts 3 days of cinema from around the world from Friday 17 May.
Festival co-ordinator, Ash Doran said to "This year’s official selection for the shOUT Film Festival includes Struck By Lightning, a comedy written by and starring Chris Colfer (Kurt from Glee) and Australian comedian Rebel Wilson and Farewell, My Queen a french period film which explores the relationship between Marie Antoinette and female members of her court at the beginning of the French revolution, and a whole heap of other great films."


The Festvial will also aim to bring awareness to the IDAHO movement.
A selection of short films will also be included throughout the program with each feature as well as both political identities and community members will be speaking before the opening film Struck by Lightning.
Tickets to screenings are only $15 - and are available from the cinema or website.


Shooting at Western Sydney Gay Social Club

Arrows - a gay "social club" in Sydney's West was the centre of a gangland style shooting last night, when a 52 year old man was ambushed by two others as he left the venue just before 1am - being shot in the groin, leg and back.


Inspector Glen Parks, Granville Police's Crime Manager said the victim was not known to the police, yet "there is nothing to suggest this is a gay hate crime".


Mr Parks said the attackers had their faces covered and ambushed the man when he was leaving the club.


Aarows' patron told media they believed the shooting could be linked a lover's tiff but police said they are not ruling out anything at this stage.


"A number of patrons have indicated that, but we are looking at other motives," he said. "We're getting other information as part of our investigation."


Mr Parks appealed for any Aarows patrons to call police if they saw the two men wanted over the incident.


An Aarows patron told local radio station 2UE the victim was a regular customer and the attack may have been a domestic.


Patrons heard up to a dozen shots before four men and staff members dragged the victim back into the club where police and an ambulance were called.


Police said the man was taken to Westmead Hospital and is in a stable condition.


Renegade Rainbow Crossings appear all over Sydney

A catch cry has been heard all over the world "Don't get Angry, get chalking".

The Australian grass roots movement has been getting press attention due to a massive backlash against the conservative state government's "emergency" removal of the Rainbow Crossing on Sydney's golden gay mile, Oxford Street, residents and even tourists are taking to the streets with buckets of chalk to install their own guerrilla style rainbow crossings.

Rainbow chalk installations are appearing all throughout Sydney's suburbs, and there are reports even crossings in Melbourne, Western Australia and even the USA are going up in sympathy against the removal of the iconic crossing.

Although the initial crossing was hoped to have been kept in place with the backing of the Sydney Council, the state government seems to have taken their vendetta against Lord Mayor, Clover Moore one step further in blocking the extension of the trial, on the basis of "safety concerns" even though the councils own safety audit failed to produce any concerns that would require the crossing to be removed.

You can see various installations of the DIY Campaign on social sites like Twitter and Facebook using the has tag #DIYRainbowCrossing

Here are some of our favourites.


Member For Sydney Calls on Community for Phone Campaign to save Rainbow Crossing

Independent Member for Sydney, Alex Greenwich MP - has put the call out to supporters of the iconic Rainbow Crossing to mobnilse and give the Minister for Roads a quick call today to reaffirm or state their support for the crossing - which has become, as described by the Assistant Police Commissioner "innovation for pedestrian safety" and Destination NSW material called it "tribute to Sydney’s GLTBI communities."


Mr Greenwich said "The Roads Minister, Duncan Gay, may decide within the next 48 hours to remove our Rainbow Crossing."


"To keep the crossing, call the Minister today and ask him to allow it to stay. His office can be reached on (02) 9230 2329."



Sydney Mardi Gras Co-Chair Steps Down


Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (SGLMG) Co-Chair Peter Urmson today announced he will be stepping down from the board, effective at the end of April.

The Board of Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras said -

“Peter is a much-loved part of the Mardi Gras family and his leadership will be missed in many quarters,”

“He’s so well known among the SGLMG membership and he’s leaving big shoes to fill.

“He deserves and receives our thanks and warm appreciation.”


Mr Urmson said, “I am leaving as I have achieved what I set out to achieve and it is now time for a new generation of leadership to keep the organisation fresh. I am proud of my contribution to the community and privileged to have served in a leadership role working with so many talented people.


“Key initiatives I am particularly pleased with would be the establishment of the Mardi Gras Museum initiative, the increased engagement of young people and women in our community with the Mardi Gras events and ideals.

“Establishing a solid structure of committees that operationalise new initiatives has been a key platform to now continue to grow from.

“I am also please to have worked in partnership with the Lord Mayor Clover Moore City of Sydney, Alex Greenwich on Marriage Equality initatives and the NSW Government in advancing visibility of our organisation in a sustainable manner."

Mr Urmson said he had a long involvement with SGLMG in both a personal and professional capacity. “I’ve cherished my involvement with the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, and have played a role with the Board since 2009.

“This was my last Mardi Gras on this side of the fence, but next year I’ll be back out there with the rest of the people celebrating. I’ve marched for 20 years and I will be marching again in the years to come.

“I look forward to still being intimately involved with the communities in a personal capacity.”


Pete will continue past April to represent Mardi Gras in the discussion to address LGBTI Policing initatives and act as an advisor to the board.


The Board will consider at its April meeting whether to fill the vacancy on the Board and the Co-chair position prior to the AGM in July.

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