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Aladdin the musical on a waterslide? DJ Dan Murphy delivers nothing less

dan aladdin
We have always loved the showmanship of Australia's DJ Dan Murphy - but this seriously takes the cake... whilst on tour in the USA, Dan filmed his own lip sync tribute to Disney's Aladdin - on the waterslide no less.

Check it out!

One Jump Ahead

Aladdin + Disney's Typhoon Lagoon + GoPro = THIS.The time has come, for you to lip sync... for your LIFE!#SoYouThinkYouCanCAMP#LipSyncBattle

Posted by DJ Dan Murphy on Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Australia's Channel 9 pulls anti same sex family ads

same sex parents1 2B57A0C0 C77D 11E4 96F5023E22C172F4Channel Nine has pulled the controversial anti same sex families advertising which it ran, alongside Channel Seven, over the Mardi Gras weekend, it is being reported by Marketing publication AdNews.

It is believed that Channel Nine will also no longer broadcast advertisements placed by the anti-same-sex marriage lobbyists, while it is also understood that the TV network has returned income to the organisation and will no longer engage in further dealings with AMF.

Last week the Advertising Standards Bureau (ASB) admitted received a “large number of complaints” about the ad but decided to stick with its decision not to bring it to the board for adjudication as the ASB said it did not rule on "Political" advertising.

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