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Sex Club Minister brings out issues of media reporting

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The scandal surrounding NSW Minister for Roads and Public Transport - David Campbell, has been causing headlines around Australia when the politician was filmed by Channel 7 coming out of Ken's - a well known mens sex on premises venue in Kensington, Sydney.

Many people have been thinking that this is a "gay" scandal - or that he stepped down because he was "gay".

This could be further from the truth - I call on other media and the government to clarify to the Australian people that the minister did NOT stand down due to any bent of sexuality, but rather the deceit to his family, public position, by outright lying - as well as the misappropriation and use of a public vehicle for private use.

The sad side of this is that his family is now suffering from external bigotry, and slander that may or may not have place in their lives. We will never know the intimate details of their relationship - the terms of their lives together nor how this relates to the mans public position - however, the issue of deceit would realistically be the same if he was photographed or filmed coming out of a heterosexual brothel or swingers club.

As the editor of DNA Magazine pointed out on facebook today - if the issue is Channel 7 wanting to "out" closeted gays or bisexuals that are lying to the public, then there is a list of actors, talent and other channel 7 personalities that are known to be deceiving society…

Please media and pollies, make this very clear so people STOP making comparisons of the gay community with distrust and deceit.

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