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Malcolm Turnbull's Online Survey for Same-sex Marriage

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As agreed in Parliament in 2010, and in advance of the looming debate this year, Malcolm Turnbull, the Federal Member for Wentworth, has invited all his constituents to participate in an online survey, canvassing their opinions on same-sex marriage.


The seat of Wentworth, which covers such densely gay populated eastern suburbs of Sydney such Potts Point, Bondi, Rushcutters Bay, Edgecliff, Paddington and parts of Darlinghurst , is widely expected to show strong support for marriage equality.


Mr Turnbull says of the current situation; "Right now, it would be fair to say that relationships between people of the same sex attract substantially the same rights and obligations as relationships between people of the opposite sex. However, at the present time two people of the same sex cannot formally register the relationship under federal law nor can such a relationship be described as being a marriage which remains defined under federal law in the long standing common law formula of  “a permanent union between a man and a woman.”


Speaking on ABC's Lateline program in November 2010, Mr Turnbull said "I’ve not supported gay marriage in the past but I recognise that views have changed on a lot of these issues and I’m approaching it with a very open mind."


While approaching the topic with an 'open mind', Mr Turnbull has also suggested that the community attitude will help shape his decision when marriage reform is presented in Parliament.


"Look, I’ve always been happy to change my mind if I believe that the view I had is no longer appropriate. And I think it was Keynes that said “I change my opinion when the facts change”. And community attitude is a big part of this."


You can complete Malcolm's online survey here.

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