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Shooting at Western Sydney Gay Social Club

Arrows - a gay "social club" in Sydney's West was the centre of a gangland style shooting last night, when a 52 year old man was ambushed by two others as he left the venue just before 1am - being shot in the groin, leg and back.


Inspector Glen Parks, Granville Police's Crime Manager said the victim was not known to the police, yet "there is nothing to suggest this is a gay hate crime".


Mr Parks said the attackers had their faces covered and ambushed the man when he was leaving the club.


Aarows' patron told media they believed the shooting could be linked a lover's tiff but police said they are not ruling out anything at this stage.


"A number of patrons have indicated that, but we are looking at other motives," he said. "We're getting other information as part of our investigation."


Mr Parks appealed for any Aarows patrons to call police if they saw the two men wanted over the incident.


An Aarows patron told local radio station 2UE the victim was a regular customer and the attack may have been a domestic.


Patrons heard up to a dozen shots before four men and staff members dragged the victim back into the club where police and an ambulance were called.


Police said the man was taken to Westmead Hospital and is in a stable condition.

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