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NMG Board Elections and Australian Federal Election on same day

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New Mardi Gras is gearing up for another board election, and with the amount of community controversy this past year, it looks like it will be yet another interesting AGM - especially as the event has been called for the SAME DAY as the Federal election.

NMG did however announce the AGM on July 5 - well before the Federal Government chose a date.

The incumbent (current) board is pushing hard to be re-elected so it may continue its long term strategy of governance, and with popular co-chair Nick Parker standing down, there is a vacancy.

New candidates are vying for the position and have lit up social networking websites as well as email boxes convincing members to vote for some fresh talent.

"As always, we encourage members to vote for those candidates that will actually bring real life experience relevant to the organisation and those that have a firm, unbiased want to support the entire community, not just the scene" says Rob Manser, editor of

As always, voting is only open to members of the organisation - SO - if you have a strong opinion - have the will to want Mardi Gras to be the way YOU want it to be, please make sure you get yourself a membership BEFORE this friday.

More details on membership are available on the New Mardi Gras website.

Details of candidates for the board elections are also available on the NMG website.

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