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Renegade Rainbow Crossings appear all over Sydney

A catch cry has been heard all over the world "Don't get Angry, get chalking".

The Australian grass roots movement has been getting press attention due to a massive backlash against the conservative state government's "emergency" removal of the Rainbow Crossing on Sydney's golden gay mile, Oxford Street, residents and even tourists are taking to the streets with buckets of chalk to install their own guerrilla style rainbow crossings.

Rainbow chalk installations are appearing all throughout Sydney's suburbs, and there are reports even crossings in Melbourne, Western Australia and even the USA are going up in sympathy against the removal of the iconic crossing.

Although the initial crossing was hoped to have been kept in place with the backing of the Sydney Council, the state government seems to have taken their vendetta against Lord Mayor, Clover Moore one step further in blocking the extension of the trial, on the basis of "safety concerns" even though the councils own safety audit failed to produce any concerns that would require the crossing to be removed.

You can see various installations of the DIY Campaign on social sites like Twitter and Facebook using the has tag #DIYRainbowCrossing

Here are some of our favourites.

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