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Maxi Shield Drags the Convicts to Manchester for the Bingham Cup

Maxi Shield is the hardest working showgirl in Sydney. However I have managed to lure her to my couch to chat about the upcoming Bingham Cup with a spread of delicious musk sticks, hand made fudge and a bag of licorice allsorts (I picked my favs out first).

This year the Bingham Cup is in Manchester and kicks of on the 1st June. We gays should be proud as it is the largest 15-aside Rugby union tournament in the sporting calendar outside of the IRB Rugby World Cup!

Maxi, you’re the team mascot for the Sydney Convicts, who are BTW, the most successful club to have competed in the Bingham Cup. What do you mascot duties entail?

Well, I wouldn't exactly call myself a mascot, but maybe the Convicts DragScot. I bring a little bit of glitter and glamour to the very physical game of rugby. There is nothing better than being on the side of the fieldy/pitchy thing in a full sequin gown and dripping in diamante's squealing "Go Convicts!".... so not only will I be side line, I will also be helping with their team dinners, a talent quest we have every tour. Also at the top of my "OFFICIAL" duties is to spread the Aussie/Convict love throughout the comp and International guests... and I will be focusing very HARD on this as soon as I land.

You have transformed your body over the past few years, so clearly you have the key to self motivation. What is your motivational approach with the team?

Although the Convicts are very serious about their rugby and are in it to win it, they still do understand that Bingham is a time to also have some fun. It's a lot of hard work but the social times are just as rewarding. Whether we actually win the Bingham Cup or not, The Sydney Convicts are winners already.

Moving on to nutrition. Lollies are great but I believe protein is key to a player's preparation. What sort of meat do you suggest?
When it comes to meat, I'm not that picky... when in Europe I will try and partake in as many European sausages and rump as I can. I'm a sucker for a nice thick piece that takes a lot of work to get to the bottom.

As a lady of the stage, you’re known for your jaw dropping outfits (such as the infamous frontless dress). What is your fashion story for the Bingham Cup?
Believe it or not, I will only be taking 12 dresses over to Bingham. I will be there for 5 days but need to be prepared for pretty much anything the team will throw at me. I do have a fabulous team jersey inspired outfit that will look great on the sidelines... but if its anything like Dublin, I may have to pack a coat also... *burrrr*... so bloody freezing.. my plastic boobs were frozen solid!

You spend time in the locker room with the boys working on strategy, so tell us, what makes our Sydney Convicts so bloody good and playing the ball?
The Sydney Convicts are an amazing group of guys that will take you under their wing, who ever you are. The team spirit is not just for the field, it extends to all those that are involved. They play hard on the field but when they let their hair down off the field, the real fun starts... it really is true when they say, they are The Sydney Convicts family.

What can people do to support the boys in their quest to bring back the Trophy this year?

19th of May is the final Rugger Bugger at the Midnight Shift... so come see the sexy boys get there gear off to help them get to Manchester and bring back the Bingham Cup.

Our photog, Mark Dickson is joining Maxi on the side of the field this year, and he’s not known for his sporting knowledge. So if you see him, help him out with of a few Rugby terms he’s struggling with such as "Off-load Pass", "Up and Under", "Tight Head" and "Ball Back".

If you want to see Maxi's boobs before she literally freezes her tits off in Manchester catch Temptation at the Midnight Shift Saturday nights.

Maxi, thanks so much for this little girly gab-fest. I think I have diabetes after looking at all your candies!

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