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Mystique Summers: After 'Drag Race,' Some People Are Scared to Meet Me!

altWhether for her runway-shaking splits or tense altercation with a fellow contestant, Mystique Summers left quite an impression on fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 2. 

Mystique ultimately sashayed away after only three episodes, failing the show’s “Country” challenge (ironic, for a gal who called Texas home at the time). Still, in her short time onscreen, the plus-sized entertainer certainly helped make the LOGO reality series “must-see” TV – and spawned several popular catchphrases!

Here Celebrity Correspondent Pollo Del Mar catches up with Mystique to find out how life has been since Drag Race. Despite the TV star feeling like the conversation is “getting freaky,” the girls talk about the ups-and-downs of dating, Mystique’s love for the bear community and why she lives her life with “no regrets.”

You can’t even say, “I’m from Chicago, bitch!” anymore – because now you live in Cincinnati.
I’m a God-fearing, Christian white woman. Besides, you said it all wrong. It was “Bitch, I’m from Chicago!” 

Why did you move to Cincinnati?
Just for something new and different. I like to shake things up.

They do call it “The Queen City.” Now you’re the queen in the city.
For now. If I don’t pack up and leave.

What? You’re already thinking of leaving Cincinnati?
I’m always thinking of different places to go. Always. It’s just about figuring the time to do it. When I was in Texas, it was always on my mind to go somewhere else. 

altWhy is that?
Just something to do. See the world. Change.

I live in San Francisco, and sometimes I think of going somewhere else. Then I realize how long it would take me to get established again.
I was in Texas for 11 years, then it was like, “Oh, it’s time to try something new!”

One thing that keeps me here is I’ve got 12 years of friendships and experiences. Don’t you miss out on those by constantly moving around?
Sometimes, but the real friends I have are my real and true friends. Wherever I go, they pretty much come with me. I haven’t figured out where I truly want to stay and live. I think that’s why I just travel around, see different places, to see where I want to grow old – to have that whole ‘white picket fence’ bullcrap.

I thought a good, God-fearing Christian white woman like you could settle down in Cincinnati for sure.
Oh, no. This God-fearing, Christian white woman needs a little more “oomph!” in her step. It’s too slow a pace.

(Just then, I receive a text message.)
Girl, get off the Grindr, Adam4Adam, Bear411, Scruff or whatever tricking website you’re on!

Don’t come for me! I read your Tweet saying someone at the mall recently saw you on Grindr, and didn’t believe it was really you. That got you all indignant!
Hold on, I’m on these applications to promote my show! Well, Grindr has me on it, but Bear411 and Scruff both have Mystique on it. The only website I’m really on is Bear411

Why is that your favorite?
Because the guys I’m attracted to are bears and cubs. 

Tell me about that.
Tell you about what? This is getting kind of freaky!

I could ask the same, boring questions everyone else asks, but I want the dirt.
The dirt on what?

You were on reality TV. I want to hear what dating life is like now.
Yes, I was on there, and so people know I date bears and cubs. I said that on the show. 

Does that make being on a dating site difficult?
Not really. All my profiles say I’m Mystique Summers from RuPaul’s Drag Race, Season 2. Before I was on the show, some people knew about the drag side. Since then, I would get emails quite often, so I thought, “Oh, forget it! I’ll just put it on my profile.” Now all my profiles have it. Scruff. I have the featured member icon on my profile. 

altYou could become the spokeswoman for them!
Well, I’m trying. It’s one step at a time. You always have to be 12 steps ahead.

Having been on reality TV, is it hard to have a private life?
Yes. People you meet want to talk about the show – or they don’t want to talk to you because they saw you on TV. They can’t get through their heads, “This person probably isn’t exactly how I saw them on TV.” Some people are scared to meet me because they saw how I was on TV. They think I’m this crazy, angry, want-to-fight-every-ten-minutes person. If you knew how I am, though, it’s not that at all. Yeah, it’s hard dating.

I’m assuming people are afraid you’ll whoop their asses!
Well… Yeah, people are scared! They’re like, “I thought you were going to fight her!” I’m like, “Is that all you can talk about? I thought you wanted to get to know the boy side.” Now we’re just talking about drag, drag, drag. Whenever I go on a date, and we’re having a nice time, as soon as it crosses over to talk about the drag side, and drag episodes, I’ll kick in like it’s an interview. I’ll answer every question, like it’s an interview, and be a totally different person. Nine times out of ten, I won’t call them back. I feel like, are you really trying to get to know me or the entertainer?

How involved are you in the bear community?
In Texas, I was very involved. I performed at TBRU – Texas Bear Round-Up. You know, it’s like a ‘bear run.’ Picture a weekend of bears in a hotel. It’s mostly just bears, getting together, partying and having fun! I sent emails to many different round-ups, because I’m the only girl on Drag Race to say specifically that I’m attracted to bears and cubs. I’d love to perform at those.

We joked about it earlier, but people definitely do know you from the altercation with Morgan McMichael.
Oh, yeah. The fight scene… She and I started pretty much the first fight scene for all Drag Race. If she and I didn’t do it, I don’t think Mimi and those guys would have done it on Season 3. If I didn’t talk about “2 piece and a biscuit,” I don’t think you’d hear other people talking about it. It’s crazy how little things I say and do end up nationwide. I guess I was one of those “addicting personalities” and hard to forget.

Your look has changed so much since you were on Drag Race.
I’m always trying to grow and evolve. Besides, when you’re on the show, you only have a certain amount of time to get ready. You can only bring so much with you. Here, I’m at home, I can take the time I want. If I need something, I can go out and get it. On the show, I didn’t have that luxury. The thing is, I love gowns! In most of my pictures, you’ll see me in nothing but gowns. I’m a self-proclaimed gown bitch! Anything outside a gown is weird to me. I’m that classy, glamorous girl.

You were one of the first bigger competitors on Drag Race, a trend we’re seeing continue in greater numbers. Do you feel plus-size entertainers are judged unfairly on the show?
Larger performers are judged unfairly anywhere – at shows, on Drag Race. That’s why to be a larger entertainer, you have to have the tricks and the gimmicks. If you can’t dance the house down, then make sure you can beat your face to a bloody pulp and look better on stage than some girl who can dance. Or if you’re a big girl who can dance, then be sure to work all the dance things you can do, just to put yourself higher than the other entertainers. When places look at entertainers, they’ll look at the big girl as “lower” than the normal-sized girls. It’s stupid, because I have a lot of friends who are all size. The people who bring the most to a show are the plus-sized girls. They have the most to prove.

I have to ask: Do you ever regret not going more “country” in the challenge where you were eliminated?
Nope! I live by everything I do. I don’t regret anything. If you regret anything in life, you miss out on life. I live life 100-percent. All the decisions I make, I stand behind 100-percent. Live life to the fullest!

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