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I’ve been naughty… I haven’t written in a while and I need a slap on the (limp) wrist. But I promise there is a very good reason I’ve been neglecting my beloved DTTT… #londonliving. Yep, say it out loud, “hash tag London living”.

OK, it's coming up two months since I last updated y'all. Unacceptable! I definitely deserve a slap on the (limp) wrist. But rest assured the reason it's taken so long is because I've been busting my balls with work and absorbing as much of this gay ol' city as possible! In future I'll try to make them shorter, more frequent and more fierce, naturally.

I do have to apologise. It’s been a while since I’ve updated my bloggy blog but moving to the other side of the world is slightly stressful and somewhat time consuming. Now that I’m a bit more settled I’ll have more time to write more regularly. But the journey to this point has been quite interesting and one for another blog…

altWhere to start?! No seriously... I’m not sure where to start. Over the past seven weeks I’ve drunken myself into mid-level brain damage! It’ll take all of my mushy cognitive abilities to recount what I’ve been up to.

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