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Cat has "cat" written in it's fur... no joke.

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Why, it's as if God dipped his finger in the ink pot and taught baby Jesus how to spell 'cat'! It took the kitty's owners Gary and Joan Marsh three whole days to notice the unusual markings, after bringing her home from the rescue shelter. "But once somebody points it out it's obvious – the word stands out a mile!"

I totally love this

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perusing across the WWW this week, i came across this corker - gotta love gay cartoons taking on the classics!

this weekend is totally nuts

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well its coming up to one of our biggest weekends of the year - we have some partnerships happening with some really fabulous events in sydney, and not only are we supporting them online - we are working our asses off behind the scenes to make things happen…

I sit here typing this as one of the award segway videos renders itself on the mac for the upcoming DIVA awards…

the youtube version of the say cheese vie is now live and causing waves across the globe and so it should - its a brilliant tribute to the worlds population of Gleek's… and if you love that - you will totally die over the Say Cheese party on saturday…

this weekend is crazy. We have rehearsals thursday night with the special guest star of the DIVA after party - Damien Mancell - who's single SHINE is  really turning heads in europe and the USA, and of course his new video, which we were involved in producing…

Friday is the preview of the Imperial Hotel - and although i designed the logo and never got paid for it - its not the new owners fault (it was the previous owners that screwed me over) - the new lot have done an amazing job at getting the venue back on its feet from the hideous fire trap it was before… I am a little torn over the fact that my logo is there - on one hand - happy to be a part of history ,the other wants me to have a bar tab for life! lol

I am looking forward to heading out there and seeing what magic has happened since they dropped the floor in the basement… some of the new Mardi Gras board will be there too - so will be great to catch up with them on friday evening…

Then Saturday day is the DIVA voting day at Nevermind… all the non online votes happen here - so head along between midday and 5pm to cast your vote! don't forget that voting still goes on, online until 10pm saturday.

Saturday night - we are heading off with our mate Lisa Scott-Lee and her very gorgeous hubby to perform at the SAY CHEESE party - if you have not joined the group on GTG yet, then make sure you do, cos you could win a VIP meet n greet!

Then sunday is the final production stuff we have been working on for DIVA and some tech stuff to finalise, then a well deserved long island ice tea…

Monday is going to be fab - DIVA is going to be a brilliant event - lots of familiar faces, lots of great surprises, lots of treats and a kick ass after party, we will be forgiven for not rising again till later in the week! I am personally chuffed that i will get to rub shoulders and have a pic or two with my idol, Bob Downe... lol

Personally - i want to thank all the GTG team in advance for the hard work over this coming week - its a big one in Sydney - probably not seen since major dance party weekend like Sleaze Ball - and to all our readers, fans and friends - we hope to see you at all these events!