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NYC Update

  • Written by Rob Manser
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Hey Guidetogayer's… well its day four of our New York jaunt - and apologies for not blogging sooner, but seriously it been such a trip so far, and its just going to get better.

A couple of days ago, i had the honor of being invited to host the Red Carpet of the Tony Awards - Broadways night of nights - and after that amazing experience, I was whisked inside to watch the show itself with Broadway's elite!

The night was sensational - many of you would have seen it on your local tv network (in Australia on the BIO Channel) but wasn't it just an amazing show?

Celebrities galore, from Aretha Franklin, my new BFF, Lucy Liu, Paula Abdul, the gorgeous Ricki Martin… it was total overload!!!

The night before the Tony's JP and I went and saw "A Little Night Music" starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Angela Lansbury… a triumph of a show - to which yo can check out the full review in our Theatre/Arts section.

Seeing her again perform "send in the clowns" on the Tonys was brilliant - it finally - for me - made the song have some sense and took it out of the "french and Saunders" territory - although i couldn't help laugh in the show about the "mirrorball" Jennifer Sanders audition - tied in with Catherine's Welsh brogue! Classic.

On the Tony's however, Catherines number was fabulous - but you still don't get the full magnificence of it as you do seeing it in context in the actual production.

The Tony's night was capped off by Beyonce, who - without "cameras" on her was pulling such a sour face when in the ad breaks, the Tony teaser for "Priscilla: The Musical on Broadway" came on… i am not sure if it was because the drag queens were a bit full on or if it was the fact that they used Liza's version instead - ripping her of royalty payments! lol

I also got to pop into a taping of The View, with none other than our good mate, Kathy Griffin - who on that very episode made headlines here in the states for the run in with Elizabeth… very cool to see it from two people away!

There are some great events coming up - don't forget to check out our photo and video galleries - there is lots more coming!

Madonna for Mardi Gras 2011?

  • Written by Rob Manser
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It's been on the wishlist of the community for decades, and the organisers wouldnt say no - now would they? Having the Material girl at the worlds largest gay pride party would be a massive coup, and would be so fabulous-  that there is a new facebook campaign to raise awareness and see if she will indeed come and suprise us all.

Don't think that it is such an outrageous idea either - just look at Betty White and Saturday Night Live... the power of social networking is like delivering a petition to whoever you want to hear it... so, even if you think its the most outrageous, far out idea ever to grace the screens of the internet, why not show your love for Mads, add your facebook like to the fan page, and show Madonna just how many fans at Mardi Gras she really has!

This past MG, we had superstars Kelly Rowland, George Michael and Adam Lambert... so who knows, she may even get the idea to combine MG and a tour??? With her new label and touring company Live Nation opening Sydney offices, it may well be quite possible!

We can only like and see! lol!/pages/We-want-Madonna-to-perform-Mardi-Gras-2011/118672178168573?ref=ts

Happy Birthday Cher!

  • Written by Rob Manser
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Cher is looking mighty fine these days — even at 64 years old.

Her shows at The Colosseum in Caesars Palace continue to rock on with rave reviews and sold-out nights, and their success has prompted her to agree to yet another final tour.

This fall, her movie Burlesque with Christina Aguilera and Las Vegas’ own Julianne Hough will be released, and Cher has already said she’ll be back in the recording studio for a new album.

There’s also grapevine gossip in Hollywood that she’s started a new romance! The Grammy Award- and Oscar-winning singer and actress is on the Vegas Strip this weekend as she starts to round out her three-year contract at Caesars Palace. A new set of tickets for summer and fall shows through Halloween went on sale this week.

Cher recently celebrated the second anniversary of her Colosseum show and was a surprise presenter at the 2010 Academy of Country Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena. She also recently sat down with Extra’s Lauren Sanchez and talked about an upcoming tour, exercise and her career longevity.

Expect fans galore to give her cakes and other surprises when her concert run resumes Saturday. Happy Birthday, wonder woman!

What Makes A Bear A Bear?

  • Written by ROB MANSER
  • Category: Rob Manser

Being on the "huskier" side of the male body, I have often wondered what really makes a Bear, a Bear? I like many others see some hefty set, overweight lads stringing on a bit of leather and smelling up the parade route or party path; and have cringed at the thought of "oh, lord - am I one of them?"…
Is it internalised bigotry - loving a bit of deodorant, a masculine man and a bit of shape and size…?

Personally, I am nowhere near a biggest loser contestant; but I'm not a twinky lightweight either -

Nor am I a gym bunny, or a podgy art student, with more piercings than sense and an equal lack of interest in soap!

So really: what makes a Bear, a "Bear"? Or an "Otter" for that fact? What makes up a stereotype?

What makes me, or others want to join a particular faction within the GBLTI community?

I for one have a bit of hair all around - to be honest, the amount I have to clipper off my back far outweighs the amount on my chest, and that really does piss me off…!

I do like the dens of the Bears brotherhood - but from experience, cannot handle the smell of those "brothers" who don't like a shower…

Do I bother to reach out to the existing "bear" community… lord knows I love a good hug 'n' cuddle … I love a masculine bod, and a bit of hair is not totally repellent… but do the extremes turn me off enough to not want to?

Please, Bears of the world - reach out and explain the situation to this poor old soul! Should I just give up - go to the gym more, clipper the shizz out of my nads and become a gym bunny - or am I truly a Bear in disguise and need to drop the soap?

Iceland's Ashes Still Cause Havock

  • Written by Rob Manser
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This image is just completely surreal - I have been informed that it is not photoshopped and the lightening strikes are real - this is just amazingly beautiful - unless of course your wanting to fly through European Airspace!