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It's been a while since i stepped out socially on a Saturday afternoon to see what the Oxford Street strip north of Taylor Square had to offer, and it was mainly cos JP (my hubby) and I were assisting Marky on a photoshoot at Moth Studios earlier in the day that we even ventured out. (Try t oget me away from my balcony on a Saturday afternoon when its sunny is near on impossible)

Over the "where shall we eat" vibe, and thanks to my restrictive no gluten diet, Oxford street isn't the best place for variety. We decided to go and check out the upper bits, you only ever used to walk past to get down to the Albury Hotel.

We really didn't find anything - apart from taking a gander in the windows at Oxford Art Supplies (an amazing store) - and having a giggle at the cute new bar/space "Hunky Dory Social Club"  (which actually looks really promising - and i hear has a nice rooftop space too!) so we ended up at the Bookshop Darlinghurst - an icon and a place that i have not been in for ages and ages.

Wow its grown - it has all the usual treats of literary genius from the GLBTI community in there - plus a new killer DVD selection - i didn't know they had so many gay titles… definitely worth checking out again!

Strolling through the tiny aisles, i stumbles across the shelf with stock of a friends book - Kent Gryphons "Twisted Harmony" - it was nice to go hang out with an old friend in an old haunt - even if that friend now lives on the other side of the country.

It also reminded me that there are lots of things to do - all you have to do is shake up your routine - stop doing the same things cos they are easy and step out once in a while.

Summer is the perfect time for it, and as it's summer here in Sydney - particularly with the last few days of nice weather - why not head out and reconnect.