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Hmm, I wonder if London will be as negative and snarky as Sydney is at the moment, in 12 years time? The positiveness that we all felt during the Sydney Games, I am afraid, is so long gone. Sydney now resembles New York of the 90's - harsh, critical and bitter.

New York, post 9/11 is so placid, friendly and welcoming. London is going through its Olympic glory - and well, i must say i am a little broken hearted at my old girl Sydney - she is a mess of drunken teenagers, snarky "mouse wankers" (you know, those people who are more than willing to throw shit in your face online, but wouldn't dare say a word of it to your face) and holier than though soap box queens.

Sure, I apreciate the fact social networking has given people a voice - but I am over the constant barrage of negativity.

Offline, I am particularly over walking out of my front door and being side swept by arrogant self centred assholes who are only out there for themselves. Far too busy or self important to have common courtesy for another person on the sidewalk. I get that some people don't give a rats ass about another, but really - it seems like its out of control - has everyone given up? Are we all just existing in our own little bubbles?

Whatever happened to common sense? What happened to manners? It makes you want to hide in your apartment and never leave.

I really hold the gay community to account when it comes to the social barometer of whats acceptable. For so long, a lot of Sydney ghetto queens have been tearing things down and ripping things apart that it now seems to have become a national pastime. That's one trend that we didn't need to set or share with the mainstream! Bitchy is the new black supposedly. We were always the up fronts, the trendsetters, the community others looked towards for our positivity, friendliness and support for each other. Where has that gone?

So I call on all the nice people out there, who are fed up with the negative crap - don't take it anymore. Make sure our younger generations don't grow up thinking that the Kardashians are role models, that "robo drag" is an acceptable form of entertainment, and that manners, civility and courtesy have no place in our society.

We all live in the same spaces, we should respect each others rights to be there, to enjoy our cities, and especially us Sydney queens - instead of bitching and moaning about the community, just cos someone gave you a keyboard and an internet connection - get out there and support the people putting on your events like Mardi Gras (if you don't like something, shut the hell up unless your prepared to go and do it yourself) and those who do the hard yards entertaining us, protecting us and educating us. Its not a hard job to be nice and enjoy what you have on offer, and really my dears - if its so shit that you could do better - then I challenge you to put down the keyboard and try it yourself. Go on, I double dare you!

A great rule of thumb for a positive future - if you wouldn't say it to someones face (or have the opportunity to say it to their face) then don't say it online! Some things, like bad manners, should be kept to yourself!

I just hope for a day when I can walk out my front door, walk down the street and not have fifteen people walk into me on their mobile phone, or better still, vapidly walking around not caring about anyone else's personal space.

I for one do not want to live in a bitter, selfish, beer stained city. So please, for heavens sake - be nice to one another and if your negative or feel like being socially selfish - stay home, keep it to yourself and when your over it - pop online or pop out to our hangs and say something nice to someone instead.

PS: I would like to thank Maxi Shield for the term Mouse Wanker - its a classic.