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Beverly Buttercup

Beverly Buttercup (53)

A new beginning

A brand new year and a brand new me! Wow! Hasn't it started with a bang!

I took the night off for NYE and did the whole boy thing with a mate and checked out the Katy Perry Tribute Show At West Leagues Club done by the fabulous Betty Dargie and her dancers, I then went and spent the rest of the evening at Campbelltown (WTF!) and got up close and personal with the locals and saw the fireworks. It was nice to be included in the whole family thing and to be accepted for who I was even though they weren't my family.

By now most people will know that we have reduced the amount of social dances in Western Sydney from 12 per year to 6 per year. Running one every second month at Northmead Bowling Club with Heaven Social Dance starting back this Saturday the 24th January with myself looking for some new talent to perform at our social nights.

It will give Western Sydney queens a place to perform as we present "Audition For Your Heavenly Divas" on this night in January.
We will be searching for our NEW show cast. We are looking for the four fabulous gals to be the face's of Western Sydney for the next little while. We have 10 fantastic people auditioning, and the event has cash prizes, and of course spots in our new production show for the four finalists. We hope this will encourage local performers to develop their drag and stage skills. So come along and join in the fun on the 24th January.


portiaWith so many things popping up in Western Sydney I have discovered Portia Turbo has taken Western Sydney by storm, with "Turbo Trivia". Our very own singing sensation LayDee KinMee takes on the role as hostess every Tuesday night at the Penrith Hotel , High Street Penrith from 7 pm – and it's also on at the Parramatta RSL on Tuesday night with Portia, & Wednesdays at the Triglav , Brisbane Rd, St John's Park With LayDee + The King Park Tavern/Blacktown, Thursday night from 7 pm OMG, and Naughty Numbers '' BINGO with a Twist" At Mounties , Meadows Rd , Mt Prichard from 7pm With LayDee KinMee & Pradina Clutch and Portia has also covered Sunday night at Austral Bowling Club from 6 pm. Who said there is nothing to do in Western Sydney - there is heaps to do... All in a gay friendly environment.


It's a new year, and time to change things up – don't you think? Many changes will take place of course, but this year may see one of the social dances end or relocate to new venue it all depends on attendance, With Ian & myself working every Saturday it is just not practical to go from work all day to a venue to run a social night that people do not really support! BUT on a good note since running the social dance's in western Sydney we've been able raise over $21,000 to give back to the gay community (acon & Haven) which is a great achievement from a social dance prospective .. Thank You Everyone! Ian, Gracie & Beverly xxx

Big thanks to all the PA's that I've gone through the last few years with running the 2 social dance & Queer Out West 89.3fm , couldn't have done it without you. So eyes out online 13 Feb for the next installment of my column on which will include all the Fair day gossip. Will I or will I not do drag is the big question. Can you believe in just over 5 weeks Mardi Gras will be launched at Fair Day on Sunday 22th February. How time flies.

And on a last note the Queer Out West 89.3fm has be running now for over 13 years ... OMFGI We'll be looking for presenters to participate in the program thoughout 2015 as we're not sure who will continue to do it this year and may be looking for one new presenter to come into the studio once a month at Liverpool.

If you have something to offer or contribute to the gay community and you can give up 3 hours once month and abide by code of practice set by 2glf 89.3fm . email your proposal to me
ATT: QOW/Proposal, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Also remember that we are now On Demand/Podcast as well as listen live! ''Your Show'' Queer Out West 89.3fm,'' At Your Time'' Go and have a look at our official website and become a member of our forum and add your own community events or feedback.

K is for Karma what goes around comes around, remember that Girls and Boys! I could also say people in Glass Houses shouldn't throw stones. Being a bully and a hypocrite does not make you popular :(

Which western Sydney drag queen would not audition to be part of the new show cast 'Heavenly Divas 'because they are a "celebrity" and they should've been picked??? lol Considering they do not do drag for a living... I believe they should step up and audition just like everyone else. Fair is fair right?! Oh well no more paid work for them from me..

Until next time gorgeous! Luv BB

So for now I leave you with my resolutions - what's yours?
1. Stand up for myself more and not allow people to walk over me.
2. Try and discover the difference between work colleagues and real friends.
3. So do whatever makes me happy, And be with whoever makes me smile.
4. Spend more time with my son before we kill each other lol.

Bev's Guide to Spring in Western Sydney

It all seems to happen in spring in Western Sydney!

It seems that its not only birds that will be singing – but Drag Queens too! It's a mammoth month of events – so get out and get amongst it all – your community has been working hard to put things on for you all – so share the love and head out and get amongst it all.

Seventh Heaven

7thheaven buttercup
It's that time of the year when we come together to give back to the community.

After the huge success of Heaven's 7th birthday (ha ha to those who thought it wouldn't last) and Haven charity night last weekend, we raised $2277 with record crowds turning out to help us party.

I say thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Photos by Arran Ch.

Hopefully we can work together and keep the momentum going so people will support the social dances in Western Sydney. Times are tough trying to get people to come out to socialize... Moving forward; I have decided to keep Kaleidoscope running as long as people support it with the next date scheduled on 2nd August, hosted by well known Richmond diva - Wilhelmina Scott.

Hopefully we get 60 people to cover the costs and at the end of the year will make a decision when we do our annual World Aids Day dance party. Is it worth keeping ? We have negotiated with the venues for our dates for 2015, moving them from the start to the end of the month. For more information check out the What's on Guides here on!

In other exciting news Heaven Social Dance has locked in and started coordinating their brand-new :production show "GAYLIENS" on Saturday, 13 September at the Northmead Bowling Club, From 7:30pm-12:30am and have recently discovered it's going to be a massive weekend with the 8th Annual Parramatta Pride Picnic Locking for Sunday, 14 September, From 10am-4pm.  OMG at a NEW location moving away from Parramatta Park will this affect the numbers? and will it affect Heaven's social dance turn out? Only time will tell.

Sometimes the best sort out plans just don't work out the way we would like them, no matter how much we communicate and work together.

If you do not support these events in Western Sydney they won't take place.

In other exciting news, Unity Wollongong INC. has taken off.. filling the gap after the local Gay night club at Wollongong shutdown.. Unity is a long-running social group in Wollongong which provides a place in the Wollongong area for the G.L.B.T.I.Q community to socialize, not to be mistaken for Unity in Sydney, so get out and support some of these fabulous events if you live in Wollongong or live in Western Sydney, we can only run these events if you support them will not last for the next generation.

Their next event is a Glow party (UV colours suggested), to be held at Hostage, 270 Crown Street, Wollongong. $12 entry from 9pm.

Which western suburbs drag queen is becoming more well known for all the wrong reasons? 
She was recently involved in an altercation with another out-of-drag, drag queen in the car park at an event resulting in a larger-than-life lump and a sore head! Followed up with outrageous antics at a local McDonald's restaurant. McDRAMA!

Which drag queen has turned into a diva after only doing drag for a year and has become very precious? Hopefully in time she'll remember her friends, bring herself back to reality and become fabulous again...

That's it for this month, Until next time gorgeous


Are you running an event, social dance or happening thats relevant to the LGBTQI community?
List it on the Whats On guides so people all over can know about your event!

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