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HO HO HO It's Christmas

Are we just being jolly or talking about the stage acts ? As some of you may know, I have never been one for Christmas. I've never had a real reason to celebrate, and the thought of doing Christmas spots made me cringe...

However, this year the tables have turned and I'm feeling a little excited, just like Big Kev! "A drama free Christmas...”

Hopefully I don't get a sudden heart attack from all the excitement lol.

2015  will see me celebrating Christmas with my son who is now living with me and we will not do the whole family thing due to work commitments this year. OMFG. Will it be all turkey and pudding or will it just be boring? Let’s see.

One good thing has come out of this year; the World Aids Day Red Party #5 at the last Heaven Social Dance at the NBC Sports Club!  We raised $1397 on the night which went directly to ACON. This money will be used to help promote the ENDING HIV campaign which aims to reduce transmission of HIV by 80% by the year 2020...  I would like to say a big Thank You to the 15 performers and the 3 fabulous hosts Kerry Ann Canally & LayDee KinMee + Myself.  It was not one of our  biggest nights - but it was okay - with over 130 people attending Heaven.

Also a big thank to all our regulars that have supported us in 2015 and my partner in crime Ian for helping me this year.

Hopefully this will be a sign of 2016 and patrons will continue to support social nights in Western Sydney that give back to the gay community. We can’t do it without you all – so we look forward to seeing you at all the events in the new year!

By now most people will know that we have reduced all the different social dances Western Sydney was organising to just one Social Dance “brand”. The incredible Heaven will be returning on the 09th January with the committee looking for some new talent to perform at our social nights in Western Sydney and give Western Sydney queens a place to perform.

We present "The Drag Factor" on the 9th of January, a fun night out – where we will be looking for our show cast to represent western Sydney in 2016!
Drag Queens and Drag Kings mainly from Western Sydney will be allowed to audition with cash prizes on the night and paid gigs for the 2 finalists. We hope this will encourage local folks to develop their drag and performance skills! The competition will be a part of Heaven in a one off night on the 09th January proudly sponsored by The DragMaker & Acon – if you are interested in taking part, please visit the whats on link of the Heaven website for all the details.

Whilst on this subject I do not do drag for a living as I have a full time job and my first priority will always be to the GLBTI community providing safe environments, raise awareness and money. (As Heaven and Kaleidoscope have done over the years raising over $24,400  for ACON & The western suburbs haven).

I really hope that I can continue to do this in 2016 with your help.  Please support our nights in Western Sydney.  Please be aware that these social dances are not for profit social nights with all proceeds after initial costs being donated to charity.  
Initial costs are Function Fees, DJ Hire, Small Entertainment Budget.  On average we will need now 80 people to attend every heaven dance otherwise the only dance left in the western suburbs will come to a END in 2016 due to increased costs of running the dance.

A big thank you to ACON that have come on board to sponsor Heaven Social Dance in 2016 and see my vision in providing a safe place for the GLBTQI Community to socialize in western Sydney.


Its official - l am officially DEAD as a queen!! (LOL)

My drag daughter, the incredible Laydee Kinmee will take over as entertainment co-ordinator for Heaven in 2016,  don't get me started about my other drag daughter who went to get a latte and hasn't come back and has never been seen or heard from since! (hopefully she isn't dead like me!)  

I sometimes believe people are complacent and may not support the one social dance left in 2016 so changes had to be made to keep it "FRESH" at heaven social dance that is!!

Time will only tell if we will be around in 2017 – it’s all up to you guys – if you want it to continue – it will make it 10 years old! WOWEE!! And holy shit I will be 50.

It will be very interesting to see how many of my drag friends stay my friends in 2016  because I am unable to give them all paid work now.

Until next time gorgeous Merry Christmas and a Gay New Year.  
Be safe.  

Love BB

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Spring has Sprung in Western Sydney


It all seems to happen in Spring in Western Sydney… like bunnies breeding in the burrows, there are events bounding out of my wazzoo... and its like a bunny eating a carrot at this time of year, so lets start off with taking a big nibble out of one of my personal favourites… #HEAVEN…

heaven bb blogHeaven Social Dance

19th September

The Heavenly Divas in it’s current incarnation brings the FINAL production show for 2015 at 10:30 pm... there will be some big announcements made in regards to the future of Heaven at the NBC Sports Club in 2016. As much as we have tried to keep it all fair and cheap as possible, we will have to pay a function fee in 2016 which will drive the cost up and may need to look for sponsorship next year to keep running HSD in 2016. We have tried our hardest to bring the dances to you… but do you know anyone fabulous that might want to assist us all in securing the room for HSD???

As y’all know, Heaven Social Dance Is a NOT For profit organisation with all proceeds (After Initial Costs) going to the Western Suburbs Haven or ACON… we don’t do this for profit, so anyone who can help us with costs, we will love you long time! (hehe)

if you have any ideas, please hit me up via email or my GTG profile. I would love your feedback.


Onto positive things… The 9th annual Parramatta Pride Picnic will be held on Sunday, 27 September , 11am - 4pm Hosted by our home grown ladies, LayDee KinMee & Portia Turbo.

Also singing live on the day is Lisa Crouch, Maria Temelkos, Carmelo Munzone, Natalie Colavtio, Koko D'Vyne and bringing up the woofs at Doggywood is non other than head bitch, Pandora Box (At 1pm).

Over 20 Community stalls and a barbecue raising money for The Western Suburbs Haven, gaYmes and much more at the new location on the river, Parramatta Riverbank Foreshore Reserve, its going to be a huge year…’s fabulous partners – Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras will be there – so pop along and say hi to the team... they are lovely.

Remember to make sure you walk along the reserve as its not in the "park" as it was a few years back… just look for me, I will be dressed as a boy, watching the shows, having fun and holding court alongside the river… its going to be an amazing day. Make sure you upload you pictures to either via the website or the app.

International Lesbian Day Picnic is on Monday the 5th October at Doonside.

Nurrangingy Reserve, Knox Rd Doonside from 10am – so grab your gals and friends and pop on down to share the love for International lesbian day… it is actually celebrated around the world annually on 8 October but our locals are celebrating on the 5th… as it’s a public holiday. Celebrate lesbian culture, family & friends in a fun filled day with games, food and heaps more. For more info on the event please email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

An icon of greater Sydney is throwing out the Euro gauntlet… our mates at The Polly's Club will present 'Eurovision Trash' on the 10th October at the Marrickville Town Hall from 7pm -12am

Prizes for best dressed show at 9:30pm and music will be provided by the incredible Jimmy Dee.

Be early if you want a good seat or a good position on the dancefloor to get your Euro-on. Details of the event are in our What’s on Guide.

Also something else to add to the diary "Drag To Bitches" takes on Western Sydney at Mounties on Friday, 24 October from 8pm. The most extravagant show of the year it's a show not to be missed with something for everyone featuring some of Western Sydney's best performance, from LayDee KinMee, Ophelia shaft , Marilyn Mootrub (Just to name a few) take it from me I've seen it twice and it's an awesome night out ... This night is extra special as they club is raising money for Breast Cancer’s Pink Ribbon. I also hear there may be a NEW fabulous array of costumes in the new finale number – I can’t wait to see it again. Want to come with me???


I never understand why some Queens don’t get a good thing when they have it… even if it’s a top show cast, why would they be above anyone else? Gotta Bitch when you’re on top? Then you don’t deserve it. EVERYONE is replaceable, especially if you’re a real DRAG about it. The show will go on, and if you are not there, the public don’t care… drama to make trouble isn’t welcome. Shows will prevail and good people who look after their counterparts will always win. Its time to get rid of the users, talented or not… drama needs to go away.

Social media sometimes ruins a good thing… if your bitching in “public” don’t think it wont get back to those people who are responsible for booking you… no one wants to work with a queen who is trouble. Easy is as easy does girlfriend.

Thank God I have a full-time job and do not look at drag as an income any more – I really can't handle the drama of those gals fighting for jobs…omg (oh my drag) it’s a bit scary.

If you do see one of our Western Sydney Girls out and about… either in the clubs and venues out west or in the city – please show them your support… they have broken past the point of drama and have shown creativity as performer that’s worth celebrating, take piccies, film them and upload the to our groups on – I would love to see them from your point of view.

Until next time stay gorgeous :


Drama's Aside, Western Sydney Keeps On Going On

So much has changed over the years in the Western Sydney community, I often wonder "is it a case of me trying to hold on to something not worth holding onto anymore"  or  "is community atually community these day" or is it people just trying to get gigs? It's a hard thing to deal with when you just want to give people something fabulous to be involved with.

Bev's Wicked Winter of Pride

It's that time when everybody is recovering from the Queen's birthday dance party & ball in the Blue Mountains – and boy it was a huge success, it gets bigger and bigger every year. If you missed it this year like me because of work commitments or whatever, mark it in your diary and plan on going  for next year … It is always a great weekend.
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